Growing Marijuana in a hydroponic system is to say frankly is a tough task as the right temperature and the moisture is very important for the right and healthy growth of the plants. Now the good and attractive feature of hydroponic system is that it gives the user the control and the ease with which the user can experiment on various products which includes marijuana. The chances of achieving success in hydroponic system is high provided that the user does his homework of knowing everything about the plants and what would be the ideal environment for its healthy yield. This is a very important task from the part of the user of the hydroponic system as this will give us an idea about the factors needed for the faster and stronger growth of the plants in this case marijuana.

Some of the important components needed for the growing of marijuana are:

  • Hydroponic system: Hydroponic system can be bought from manufacturers such as SuperCloset which provides all the varieties of hydroponic system which can be got in two formats as in automatic and manual according to the comfort of the users.
  • Marijuana seeds: The seeds should be selected for their health and its potential to grow.
  • Hydroponic nutrients: The Hydroponic nutrients which should be added to the water to be entered into the system of the plants for that ultimate growth. The user should get to know the exact nutrients which are needed for the ideal growth of the marijuana plants.
  • Potting medium: The Medium for the growth of the plants should be selected. The ideal choice would be coco coir. The potting medium is very important for giving a support for the plants to grow stronger.

Marijuana Lighting

Now that the components for the structure are ready, next important step is to know the exact lighting that is needed for the proper growth of the marijuana plants. Marijuana needs PAR which is known as Photo synthetically active radiation which covers the spectral range from 400 to 700 nanometers which will also produce the ideal temperature which contributes to that perfect growth of the plants. The lighting and right ventilation ensures the growth of the marijuana plants.

Hydroponics is a new and easy gateway into faster and efficient growing of plants which helps in higher yield all done along with maintaining the right quality.