Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

A Grow room set up is to start an indoor garden. The grow room startup kits are handy for the beginners. It comes with the complete package needed to start plant growing. Sometimes more than one startup kit may be required, one grow tent kit and a hydroponics grow kit with the hydroponics unit, circulatory and aeration systems, lighting system, nutrients, pH adjuster and other essentials. Complete grow tent kits are also available. These grow room setup kits are very convenient as a beginner may not be fully aware of the equipment’s required to set up complete hydroponics system. Startup kits will also include guidance software to assemble the system and start growing.

Grow tent that is sturdy and durable will be provided. The grow tent is thick and once closed tight, will not leak any light or air through it. The tent stands on the sturdy steel rods that can support all the weight of the necessary equipments for the indoor gardening. The tents are closed tight by quality zippers and there will be a small plastic covered window to have a peek inside without disturbance.

Hydroponics unit may be small or big depending on the size of the grow room or the grow tent. The hydroponics system is ready to use and comes assembled. The water reservoir is also provided in case the hydroponics is a bucket flow system. The watering methods may be any or many hydroponic techniques. The hydroponics system may be a grow box or the bucket system.

Lighting system is a part of the startup kit. The type of light will be in accordance with the size of the grow room setup. Mostly the light will be high pressure sodium light or the metal halide light. Sometime both these lights will be provided as they are used for flowering and vegetative growth stages respectively.

Air circulation is very important for an indoor garden. There will hardly be any natural air circulation, so the circulatory fans and air purifying carbon filters are included in the package. The carbon filters will clean the air and keep the stale odor away. The clean air is circulated through the plants by the circulatory fans that may be one or many according to the size of the grow room.

Nutrient kit is also a part of the hydroponic kit. The nutrient kit will be enough to last the initial month, or may be a 6 months lit. Some grow room startup kit will have the nutrient supply that lasts for 12 months. These nutrients will be readily soluble in water and easily absorbed by the plants.

pH kit helps regulate the water pH inside the water reservoir. The importance of it is in the fact that the plants are able to absorb the nutrients faster if the pH is around 5.5-6.6. The value above or below this will make it difficult for the plants to absorb nutrients. The pH up and down are provided to adjust it properly.