Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

A grow room is an enclosed area created by a thicker material like a grow tent to have a controlled area for the growing plants that usually entertain hydroponics systems. Grow rooms for sale is for the ease of creating an indoor grow set up within a room. Depending on the availability of the room, there are many options for the grow rooms on sale. From small and compact grow rooms to a large grow rooms with more capacity are all available for sale online. The criteria in selecting the right grow room are the type of grow medium and system, plant size, lighting facilities, ports for enough inlets and outlets and enough space or accessibility to have work around the plants when needed.

  • Single chambered: Many of the grow rooms that are for sale have the grow room tents with big or small singe chamber. They can accommodate only a single set of plants at a time and the same plants needs to grow and be harvested before the new set can be planted. It can support the plants all through their life cycle.
  • Double chambered grow rooms for sale are only recently in market for sale. These double chambered grow rooms have a chamber each for vegetative growth and cloning. The cloning chamber will be small and are placed either at the top portion or at the bottom. These grow rooms are used to have the mother plant handy to have the clones for the next growth cycle. These kind of grow rooms are seen with Secret Jardin grow tent series.
  • Small grow rooms are also for sale that are only 2ft wide and the height may vary with brands. Select the grow room tent with enough height for the chosen plants so they can grow freely and not have to bend.
  • Medium sized grow rooms can accommodate more than one hydroponics unit or a bigger one in it. The height of these will be standard 6-7 ft. The width may range between 4-6 ft. The most popular medium sized grow room tent for sale is the 5 x 5 grow room with the Buddha box. It can accommodate 72 plants at a time, largest capacity for this size. These grow rooms allow enough accessibility space inside.
  • Large grow rooms will be as big as a room, with space for several hydroponics grow systems and supports enough lighting and air control systems. They will have stronger poles for support and will provide complete air and light proof facility. The largest grow room for sale will be the 20 x 10 ft Gorilla grow tent. The large grow rooms can have all the growth stages in a single confined area and also allow harvests at different time to have round the year yield.
  • Grow room packages will have the complete supplies needed for a new grow room set up. The grow room supplies needed will be the lighting system, ventilation system, odor control, climate control, hydroponics or grow unit type, safety devices, nutrient supply, pH controller etc. The grow room package for sale will be a money saver for a new grower to start with. Grow rooms are available for sale in various grow room sizes as well.




Frequently Asked Quesitons – Complete grow rooms for sale

Are complete grow rooms for sale available at other countries?

Of course, though the brands may differ, you can get complete grow rooms for sale in many countries including UK, Canada etc.

What all will the grow room include?

The grow room comes with all the necessary equipments that are vital for growing plants indoors such as grow lights, circulation fans, ballasts, hydroponic superponic system and many more.

Will grow room for sale come with a warranty period?

All the products from dealzer and supercloset comes with a certain warranty period in case you need any replacements or fixing any issues. For instance, grow rooms and cabinet of supercloset comes with 3 year warranty period.

Is it necessary to upgrade the package?

It is not a must as all the products have been tested and verified so as to help you achieve optimum results. But certain climatic conditions, inefficient water supply etc. can hinder the growth of plants. If you have can afford TDS meter or RO water filter then, you can surely go in or else the existing grow rooms will meet your expectations.

Why is it necessary to add the nutrient kit?

Many environmental conditions can inhibit healthy growth of your plants and this is the reason why people use nutrients so as to boost the growth of plants. The result is lush green plants which will help your precious babies to grow healthy.

Will the complete grow room for sale come increase my energy bills?

Slight difference is obvious since you are ordering a product that works solely on electricity. The grow rooms can be plugged in any standard 100v outlet. Though slight difference is possible, the bill is however minimal and certainly won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

What is the net trellis in grow room for sale?

The net trellis has a huge responsibility of raising your yields upto 40% not to mention it can raise the quality as well. Another feature of net trellis is it provides a good partition to the plants giving them equal space to grow and access to the circulation fan to provide breeze proportionately to all the plants.

Can I mix the nutrients with the reservoir water?

Of course, you can and that’s the way it is supposed to be. Make sure to use organic soluble nutrients and mix it with reservoir water. The mix will create the perfect blend of food for your precious babies giving them a good growth. You might also want to check the pH balance so as to not overdo the job of excess feed that might lead to poor yields.

What are the advantages of grow room for sale?

For those who are planning to grow indoors, the grow rooms for sale create a perfect home for your plants that is absolutely serene and cool at all times, free of frequent visits from rodents and pests. The grow room for sale comes with all the necessary equipments that aid the plants to deliver optimum harvest all year inspite of the seasonal changes outside.