Weed cultivation has taken a massive turn with the inventing of indoor grow boxes with many advanced features. Hydroponic systems are best for the cultivation of weed as research have seen that the rate of growth of the plants in a hydroponic system is much faster than traditional method of growing in soil. Marijuana was once considered as a plant which can only be grown in a particular climatic space where the temperature is low and moderate. The new invention in indoor gardening has opened a massive gateway for everyone to grow the plants of their desire in their backyard. The indoor systems have made the user powerful enough to mimic any climatic atmosphere for the plants to give the same quality as they give in their natural habitat.

Grow Box – Hydroponics

There are many factors which have to be decided for getting the right growth of the marijuana plants. The main factors which have to be looked upon while planting are:

  • The variety of the seed: The variety of the seed is very vital to know the growth and the quality of the yield. It should be also checked whether the seeds are taken from seeds or from the clones as it affects the growth of the plants and the requirements differ according to this factor.
  • The flowering of the plants should be measured and the duration between the budding and the flowering should be noted.
  • This is done for setting the right atmospheric condition according to the need and the current state of the plant inside the chamber.

As with regular plants, marijuana plants need the basic factors in the form of water, light, oxygen, nutrients and carbon dioxide. There are many varieties of seeds which are available for marijuana cultivation and they have to be selected and each one asks for their own particular settings for their growth. The temperature and the air exposure for the plants are very crucial for their growth. The nutrients should be heated if in case the temperature goes below 15 degree Celsius as the phosphorus intake will be reduced below this temperature. The system should be constantly watched for its pH content in terms of their acidity and alkalinity. The natural pH range for the growth of any plants is between 6 and 6.5.

These are some of the things which should be kept in mind while taking an initiative to grow marijuana indoors. Hope I have done justice in pointing out the key factors which should be noted to get the desired quality and the rate of growth.