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Growing Cherry Tomatoes Hydroponically

Cherry tomatoes are the smaller variety of tomatoes that are cultivated since early 1800s. Cherry Tomatoes come in different sizes, small as a thumb tip to big as golf ball. It can be grown in red, yellow, green or even black colors. They are bite-sized tomatoes that grow quickly unlike other tomato varieties. They also tend to ripe early, and can easily become your favorite snack, salad or fruit. Cherry Tomatoes can be grown in both soil and hydroponics system growing medium. However, using hydroponics technique to grow Cherry Tomatoes would be better.

  • They will grow faster and larger than the plants grown in the soil.
  • They will grow taller with large leaf, flowers, and fruit, and even with a healthier color.
  • Overall plant grown in hydroponics will be more productive offering you better yield. However, the plants grown in the soil will be healthy but will just not be as large as them.
  • The nutrient solution in hydroponics is available readily to the plant roots to easily absorb and thrive. As against this, in soil, plant rooting systems have to search for nutrients to grow.

Growing cherry tomatoes in hydroponics means they are grown using water and nutrient without soil. In hydroponics, plant roots gets needed nutrient to grow through water. The nutrients are dissolved into the water which is provided to plants at regular intervals. Also, the plant roots may or may not be supported by a grow media such as rockwool, perlite, gravel or any other, depending upon the type of hydroponics system used.

Hydroponics cherry tomatoes are grown in a controlled environment. There is the least chance of disease while allowing faster growth and larger yield. But also note that hydroponic gardening is more labor intensive, and at times more expensive if you are new to growing. For achieving maximum yield and successful plantation, it is important to have thorough knowledge to set up and run hydroponics system.[/restab]
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Tips on Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Hydroponics

The following tips would help you with effective and successful growth of Cherry Tomatoes in hydroponics.

  • Always raise your Cherry tomato plants from seeds to avoid introducing pests and diseases to your hydroponics system.
  • Using a pH test kit, measure and modify the pH in the water to provide correct pH for your plants to bloom.
  • The artificial grow light required by seedling and full grown plants are different, so ensure to change your lighting system for matured cherry tomatoes plants.
  • Prune the plant stems with your hands rather than using a cutting machine or scissors.
  • When you see your cherry tomato plant in blooming stage then ensure to pollinate them yourself.
  • Monitor and control the temperature. Ideal temperature should be 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit during nights.
  • Installing an exhaust fan may help keep the temperature even. Also, air circulation helps to make pollination easier.
  • Ensure to provide cherry tomato plants with fertilizer and nutrient made for hydroponics growing only. Also, use separate nutrient for growing stage and flowering stage of your plant.
  • Regularly change the water and nutrient solution and completely empty and rinse the reservoir.
  • Also, clean other support components and roots of the cherry tomato plants using pure water with pH 6.0. This will leach away any mineral buildup that could harm your fruit.

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Growing tomatoes hydroponically – FAQs:

Can we grow tomatoes hydroponically outdoors i.e. outside in the garden area?

Of course, hydroponic system is not just meant for indoor use but outdoors too. If you are having a good garden area then you can surely build a hydroponic system outdoor and grow luscious tomatoes.

What are the nutrients that needs to be included while growing tomatoes hydroponically?

If you are planning to grow tomatoes hydroponically, then I say go with organic nutrients and fertilizers that are soluble with water and do not leave any residue. Many nutrients such as Humboldt Nutrients, X Nutrients Bloom, Hesi PK etc. are some which will help tomato plants during their flowering and vegetative stages.

What is the best hydroponic system for growing tomatoes?

There are many hydroponic system in the market that comes with all the features necessary to get healthy yields without any intereference of any outside disturbance such as rodents, environmental changes and many more. You can choose from different sizes of grow room that are available in cabinets and grow tents. Some of the branded products are Supercloset, Secret Jardin, Grandma’s Secret Garden etc. that offer you complete grow rooms.

Can we grow various types of tomatoes hydroponically for instance, heirloom, cherry, tomatoes, grape etc.?

Of course, you can. That is the best part of owning a hydroponic system. It doesn’t matter if you are growing cherry tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes, hydroponic system not only delivers you some of the best yields but will also give you delicious and pesticide free tomatoes.

Is it better to purchase tomatoes growing hydroponically in commercial greenhouses or at home?

Having your own hydroponic tomatoes has many benefits such as you will derive not only the best yields but also a pesticide free product that can be detrimental to your health. Not to mention, your own satisfaction and proud feeling when you see the first flower and the first fruit that you have grown yourself.

Can we grow hydroponic tomatoes in Australia?

Why not? Hydroponic system is not just limited to any particular country. Its an unique way of growing plants using water as the base without any addition of soil. If you live in Australia, consult your nearest garden store to know more or read more of our hydroponic section to know how it works. You can even build your own hydroponic system at an affordable price.

How to grow tomatoes using a hydroponic system?

Depending on where you are planning to grow your tomatoes, the method of growing tomatoes in hydroponic system differs even though the basic types of hydroponic system remains the same. For instance, if you are growing hydroponic outdoors, you can chuck off the reflectors, grow lights, fan etc. whereas if you are growing indoors, these things are quite vital and have a great responsibility in providing you with best herbage.

What are the advantages of growing tomatoes hydroponically?

The main motive of hydroponic method is to eliminate chanches of any soil borne diseases and cut down the use of harmful fertilizers that are raising the level of death in Earth. Other advantages include (a) fantastic hobby, (b) delivers immense profit (yields), (c) elimination of soil (d) no use of pesticides and so on.

Are growing hydroponic tomatoes ideal for beginners?

Very much. Just as you can’t take the first step without standing, similarly anyone is a beginner in the field of gardening when they take their first step. And regarding the answer you are looking for, hydroponic can be initiated by beginners or experts likewise. However, I do recommend to start out on a small scale rather than taking on a big project without knowing how it works for you.

Is it okay to plant hydroponic tomatoes indoors?

Of course, you can grow hydroponic tomatoes indoors. If you have a spare room, turn them into a grow room by picking all the equipment’s such as grow lights, circulation fans, grow tent, hydroponic system etc. and start growing.

Are there any videos available for growing tomatoes hydroponically?

Of course, there are lot of videos readily available in Youtube giving you all the necessary information on how to grow tomatoes or any other plants using hydroponic system.[/restab][/restabs]

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