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Growing Herbs Indoors

Picking own grown herbs and enhancing food flavor using these fresh herbs is really wow. This is possible by growing herbs indoors. This will help prepare the best dish for you and your family. Even with limited space in your apartment or condo you can grow herbs indoors. The ideal location for growing herbs indoors is your kitchen itself. You can snip fresh herbs and use them in preparing your meals. Also, you can grow herbs in any sunny room.

Best Location for Growing Herbs Indoors

For growing best herb plants indoors sufficient sunlight is needed. Place them in a sunny location near a window where they is at least 4 hours of sun daily. South or south-west facing windows are best spots for bright sun. Windows in east or west can also offer sunlight but north-facing windows do not have enough bright light. If there is no adequate sunlight coming near to your windows, then you can even move your pots outside in sunlight for a few hours.

Offering Good Drainage for Growing Herbs Indoors

It is essential to offer indoor growing herbs with proper drainage facility. You can use a saucer, drain pan or any other object under the container to hold excess water and protect the surface. You may use a saucer made of plastic, rubber, or metal. Clay is not recommended as moisture pass through them. Use a finest potting mix to pot your herbs indoor. And also ensure your pots have sufficient drainage holes, if not then drill some on your own.

Indoor Temperatures for Growing Herbs Indoors

Herbs can typically be grown indoors during winter when it’s too cold outside or when it is too wet to dig in your garden. However Growing Herbs Indoors can be done any time of the year. Indoor herbs prefer around 65 to 70 degrees F of daytime temperature, the same at which you feel comfortable. During night, temperatures may fall to 55 – 60 degrees that is also preferred by indoor plants.

Basil is the most preferred indoor herb amongst gardeners. It needs lots of natural light and warmth indoors to thrive. In cool temperatures, leaves of basil will fade away after some time. The ideal day and night temperatures preferred by basil is in 70s.

Some Tips on Growing Herbs Indoors

Make a note that the air near windows is cooler in winter or hotter in summer compared to your average indoor temperature, so ensure to locate your plants accordingly.

Indoor herbs sometime may get upset due to Dry air. Dry air coming from air conditioning or heater may be hard on most herbs, so to make them happy provide them with a shower every week.

Indoor herb plants may probably stretch and be skinny than outdoor plants but still they give you plenty of fresh clippings. Hence, fertilize them with appropriate Plant Food at least once a month if you are harvesting leaves on regular basis.

Basil, bay, chervil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and thyme are some of the most preferred herbs grown indoors. Grow some of these herbs and enjoy eating fresh flavored foods.

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