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Growing pot plants in hydroponic system

Craving for healthy growing pot plants hydroponically? Then, this article is for you. It gives a brief idea which will help you to grow pot plants in your hydroponic system. With the perfect hydroponics system, you will be able to get good weeds at the end of every cycle.

Growing pot plants in hydroponic system mainly needs an efficient nutrient water with a combination of oxygen which will enhance the growth of plants right from the roots. All you need is to mix the nutrients that come with the water stored in the reservoir and you are ready to grow awesome pots. Hydroponics ensures that water, nutrients and oxygenated air get combined together to reach the roots and deliver faster growing results.

Hydroponic system for growing pot plants:

If you have already chosen your hydroponic system, well and good. If you are conducting a DIY hydroponic system, excellent. Just make sure you consider the hydroponic system that works easy for you and for your plants. There are many systems such as deep water culture, top feed, aeroponics, ebb and flow etc. and many more.

Make sure you set a timer for feeding your precious babies at a specific period. For instance, if you are using ebb n flow hydroponic system, the growing bed will be filled with the oxygenated nutrient filled water with the help of a small pipe and is then rushed back to the reservoir aptly when the timer shuts off the water pump. The process is repeated when you preset the timers which will take away your worries even when you are out of home.

Growing pot plants with seeds:

Now that the system is ready to grow pot plants, there are things to consider. You can either choose to grow from seeds or clones. Ask your friends if they have any good pot seeds. For instance, if you are starting from seed, place a soilless medium that will help in easy germination of your seedlings. Soilless mediums such as rockwool, volcano rocks retain good water and keep the seedlings moist that will speeden up the germination process.

Nutrients for pot plants:

Plants need vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. and many more which you will find with the hydroponic system when you order. In case you are buying your nutrients, make sure you opt for quality products such as Desi Hydro, Humboldt Nutrients etc. that are organic and do not leave any residue when you mix them with the water. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the mix and don’t get too excited that putting more nutrients can give you more yields. Over fertilizing can kill your pot plants or will result in rotting of roots and I know you don’t need that.

Just make sure to change the reservoir water every couple of weeks to keep the entire system clean. If you know how the hydroponic system works, you can remove the plant holders, drippers etc. and clean them.

Grow lights:

Since you are growing pot plants inside, grow lights are an inevitable part so make sure you choose the best one for your plants. They work like natural daylight and provide the spectrum which will help in proper photosynthesis. There are many grow lights in the market ranging from T5 fluorescent lights to HID lights to LED lights. When you are buying HID lights, you need ballasts, reflectors and proper ventilation along with cooling system to manage the heat in your grow room. But all this is negated when it comes to LED lights and brands like KIND offer full 12 band spectrum with minimal energy bills but the downside of LED lights are they are quite expensive and equal almost your hydroponic system.

Growing stages of pot plants:

This is crucial while growing pot plants as you need to keep a close eye on them. Let’s see how they work. For instance, for easy germination, the trick is to keep half of the media at the bottom and the top part above the water level to make sure the seed doesn’t drown in the water. Once germinated (almost a quarter inch), plant the seedlings with their root facing down in the cups.

During the vegetation phase, make sure the grow lights are hung around 20 inches distance above the plants. During the initial stages, you need to keep the grow lights on for around 18 to 24 hours a day. If you maintain the lights more, the growth rate will increase to a good extent. Of course, so will the energy bills.

The flowering stage is important and many pot lovers try to limit the height so as to focus on flowering. When you notice that the plants are around 6 inch high, cut back on the lights to 12 hours per day. During the dark period in the flowering phase, make sure that the grow room is absolutely pitch dark. No room light, day light or any other beam should fall upon the plants. If the lumens of light is strong, the flowering will delay and stay still in the vegetative phase. At the flowering stage, you will notice little hairs at the bud areas.

The last phase is harvesting. Most gardeners go with the trichomes to decide whether to harvest or not. With the help of a magnifying glass, you can notice the changing results. As the plant undergoes maturity, you may see that the trichomes go through different stages such as:

  • Looking like a mushroom
  • Color change from clear to milky
  • Changes color to brown

Do not harvest when they are clear. Many people who are growing pot plants harvest during the milky phase as they know they will get a good hit without getting too high. Another consensus choose trichomes when they turn amber as it will deliver unbeatable and heavier harvest.

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