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Growing tomatoes indoors during winter

Growing tomatoes indoors is quite easy once you get all the things straight. Since tomatoes grow in warm season, getting good harvest during winter is a challenge. But if you still want to grow tomatoes indoors during winter, then this article is for you.

Who doesn’t love tomatoes? Since I’m a big fan of tomatoes, I try to add them in whatever spicy dishes I cook. Apart from taste, it is a good health nutrient as it contains high amount of calcium, protein and vitamins that can be beneficial not just for your skin but overall health.

If you are thinking of having home grown tomatoes, it can be threatening especially if you are trying it during winter time. The main reason is because the tomato plant is compatible with warm season and although you can grow tomatoes indoors you usually get lesser yields and even the appearance are a bit less in size than outdoor growing tomato plants. But, here are some of the tips that will help you out during winter times to keep up your spirit of growing tomatoes indoors.

Things to keep in mind while growing tomatoes indoors:

Note that tomatoes need at least eight hours of sunlight to deliver rich fruits so make sure the temperature must be maintained at 65oF i.e. 18oC when kept indoors. You can buy unglazed pots that come with drainage holes which will help your plants to breathe easily and keep the roots healthy.

Another idea is to bring the summer growing tomatoes inside your home before the season ends. This way you can save them till the winter season gets over. Sometimes old tomato plants may stop giving yields over time and can wither off gradually but at least you can prolong their life for a certain period.

If you are planning to continue grow tomatoes indoors, make sure you start germinating seeds every two weeks. This will give you healthy yields all year long.

How to begin winter growing tomatoes indoors:

Take some tomato seeds and sow them in the seed starter mix. Take a 6 inch pot and plant them ¼ inches deep. Ensure that the soil is moist and let the seed germinate. You can use lime and mix it with soil. This will not only help in early germination but also supply required calcium for your tomato plants to grow lusciously. It will also help in keeping rodents or pests away.

Keep the pot in a place where there is ample warmth such as refrigerator top. The process of germination happens within 8 to 10 days. Once it happens move the pots in a window area where there is ample sunlight. Make sure the temperature of the room is at least 65oF or more.

Flowering can be easily promoted at warmer temperatures of 24-29oC . When the seedling grows to 3 inches tall, you can transfer the plants to bigger pots so that they can grow freely and lavishly. This is the right time to fertilize your plants and make sure you do it every couple of weeks.

Flowering stage and harvesting time when you are growing tomatoes indoors:

The main disadvantage when growing tomato plant indoor is the pollination process which is usually done by insects. But you at any time can indulge in pollinating the plant yourself (hand pollination). All you have to do is tap the stem of the plant gently when the flowers begin to blossom OR taking a cotton swab and inserting it to each flower. This will help in pollination which will result in good growth.

You can also keep rotating the side of the plant so that each and every part of the tomato plant receives good amount of sunlight. Give good support by staking them which will prevent the stems from breaking or sagging.

Some of the best tomatoes varieties are:

  • Tiny Tim
  • Red Robin (one of the preferred plant to grow indoors)
  • Florida Petite
  • Toy Boy

If you want you can also choose hanging tomato varieties such as Yellow Pear or Burpee Basket King that falls under trailing variety.

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