Growing weed or marijuana has taken a large step with the introduction of growing cabinets and superponic systems like the Northern Lights Grow box. These systems which have the potential to imitate any climatic condition on regular basis empower users to grow any plants at any time period. Weed growing has taken a new turn where users can grow it in their backyard. Weed can also be grown under the traditional system of soil based grow boxes but the rate of the growth will be comparatively less. I would like to give a brief and concentrated information on how weed can be grown within your living space with ease.

Let me just start by pointing out the advantages of growing weed indoor when compared to cultivating it outside. The biggest advantage would be that it will not face the problem of theft as weed has its own demand and growing it outside is definitely asking for stealing. The next biggest advantage would be that it can keep the users away from any problems which arise from the law.

Indoor system of growing Weed

Weed can be grown through a hydroponic system and also through a traditional system the only difference being the time taken and the rate of growth of the plants. Soil based forms can also be used indoors. The other common requirements for this are lights which are crucial for the growth of marijuana. Marijuana can be grown at a faster rate indoor with the help of the hydroponic system.

The benefits of growing in a hydroponic system are:

  • Space Utilization: The prime advantage is that it helps in saving a lot of space as the hydroponic system has slots for planting each of the plants. This slot allotment enables all the plants to get the equal amount of sunlight and nutrients and enables a stable growth for all the plants.
  • Nutrients: Nutrients provided at the right moment contributes to the faster growth of the plants. Users have to do the homework of knowing the right nutrients for the right phase of growth of the plants.
  • Lights: Lights are the next important thing which is needed for the healthy growth of the plants. The lights will be part of a hydroponic system but it should be fitted in case of a traditional method of soil based cultivation.

Temperature and the humidity factor is a big factor which decides the quality of the THC in the plants. The optimum temperature which is needed for the growth of marijuana plants is between 21 to 23 degree Celsius which results in healthy growth of the marijuana plants.