GrowoniX EX100 Reverse Osmosis Filter 100GPD

One of the most important aspects of hydroponics, which most people do not pay much attention to, is the quality of the water used. For hydroponics it is not just the quantity and timing of the water is that concerned, but the quality as well. The pH of the water, ppm, whether or not it is hard water etc all have doings in the success of the hydroponics unit. Growonix 100 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis filter is the simplest way to ensure that the hydroponics plants get quality water to have their growth healthy and fruitful, by all aspects.

Feature of Growonix 100 gallon/day Reverse Osmosis Filter

  • The Growonix reverse osmosis water filter is safe and durable and simply outclass all its contemporaries.
  • The size specifications are 14” long, 7” wide, and 21” tall. It weighs about 20 pounds.
  • The Growonix 100 gallons per day reverse osmosis filter can get 4.6 gallons of water flowing through it in an hour and that makes it 100 gallons a day.
  • This EX series Grownix reverse osmosis filter has a waste ratio of 2:1.
  • It has 8000 gallons of carbon capacity and the membrane allows high flow of water.
  • It has a 1- micron sediment filter and works comfortably in a water temperature between 40-105˚ F.
  • The tolerable water pH is 3-11.
  • An auto shut off valve keeps the equipment safe from any mishaps.
  • It comes ready to use and there is no assembly to be done.

Reverse Osmosis and Hydroponics

The hydroponics water needs to be free of harmful chemicals and contaminants, should not allow too much of salt formation; should be easy for the nutrients to dissolve and most importantly should maintain the pH. The reverse osmosis water is known to have all these qualities. The water that comes out of the reverse osmosis filter is 99% free of pollutants of any kind and has 0 ppm, which means there are 0 numbers of contaminants, which is the most favorable value for the hydroponics water. Any contaminant in the water reacts with the nutrients to form salt that reduces it effectiveness. This risk is eliminated with the help of the Growonix 100 gallons per day reverse osmosis filter.

The advantages of using the Growonix reverse Osmosis filter for gardening

  • The reverse osmosis water contains no ions in it, greatly reducing the chances of favoring salt formation. This is termed as low ppm and this low ppm is highly recommended while adding the nutrients in the water.
  • The low salt formation is comforting for the delicate roots and makes them healthy.
  • The Growonix 100 gallon per day reverse osmosis filter can remove almost 99% of the harmful minerals like the chlorides, fluorides, heavy metals, alkalines and other pollutants keeping it safe and healthy for the plants.
  • The reverse osmosis water increases the nutrient uptake by the plants and can help with higher yields.
  • The water from the Growonix 100 gallon per day reverse osmosis filter has a stable water pH and also helps maintain the pH while adding the nutrients and also for the substrates in the NFT and ebb and flow hydroponics units.