Growonix 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter GOGX200

Today, Growonix offers the most efficient water filtration systems. Its product line consists of various water filtration systems for you to choose and fulfills all sized gardening needs. Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter, filters 200 Gallon of water per Day is efficient enough to definitely improve your bottom line i.e. yields.

Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter is packed with all high end features for you to have an efficient RO unit. This affordable and durable Reverse Filter is integrated with patented GX Series bracketing system. Some of its other features are mentioned below:

Features of Growonix 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter

1. Water Flow rate – Growonix Reverse OFlow Rate – 200 Gallons Per Day
2. System Ratio – The water waste ratio is 2:1 that saves water
3. Membrane – GrowoniX 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter utilizes a High Flow membrane technique that increases cold water flow with only required pressure of 20 psi.
4. Carbon – It comes with one eco green coconut carbon cartridge that is capable to reduce 8,000 gallons chlorine.
5. Sediment Filter – One High Flow pleated sediment filter is included in Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter 200 Gallon/Day that is entirely washable and reusable.
6. Membrane Flush Valve – One manual flush valve allows you to clean the High Flow membrane. Cleaning helps abolition of pollutants that otherwise could build up in the system. Flushing or cleaning also adds considerable extension of membrane life.
7. Auto Shutoff Valve – When using a float valve or faucet the Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter automatically shuts off.
8. Gauge – Growonix 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter comes with never seen before steel gauge in this sized unit. The 2″ stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauge is included for precise input monitoring.
9. Frame – The superior electro galvanized powder coated frame prevents Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter from corrosion.
10. Easy Maintenance & Operation – Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter 200 Gallon/Day features a compact design. All its components are tactically located and are pre-plumbed for accessibility and inspection.
11. Superior from Traditional ROs – Growonix Reverse Osmosis 200 Gallon/Day uses 50% less water than traditional RO systems.

Specifications of Growonix 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter

Growonix 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter specifications are:

  • Flow Rate – 200 Gallons Per Day
  • Minimum Feed Pressure – 20 psi
  • Recommended Feed Pressure – 0 psi—80 psi
  • Recovery – 33% (if required, can be reduced for lower quality feed water)
  • Operating Temperature – 40°F—105°F
  • Operating pH – 3-11
  • Dimensions LxWxH (inches) – 14x7x21
  • Weight – 20 lbs.

An important point to note while using RO system is that higher TDS and/ or lower temperatures can reduce the system’s water production. For higher performance of this Filter, use a booster pump that will raise the system pressure capacity to 80psi, resulting in increased gallon per day output.

Growonix Reverse Osmosis Filter 200 Gallon/Day with the world’s best membrane technology, durability and steel pressure gauge provides you up to 75% reduction in water bills while saving your money, decreased waste water output and increased yields.