GrowoniX EX400 Reverse Osmosis Filter 400GPD

For those who desire pure water without any contamination, Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter brings you absolute fresh and crystal clear product. People using hydroponic system can also buy Growonix 400Gallon/Day Reserve Osmosis Filter to give your plants the best water with no chemicals and pollutants.

Just like you need crystal and crisp water neutral of any chemicals or odor, plants do too. In fact many RO owners use this water for many purposes such as for aquariums, swimming pools, gardening and other household uses. Using RO system can really deliver healthy plants right from the roots. Keeping this in Growonix introduces reverse osmosis filter that can deliver upto 400 gallons a day.

How Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter works is it forces any untreated water through a membrane. This membrane now allows only the water molecules to pass through the filtration system while the contaminated particles are chucked off with ease – the result is pure neutral water that is void of any smell or other impurities.

It comes with a steel gauge to monitor the pressure that is building up in the filter. The Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter is designed to release 17 gallons of pure water an hour giving a ratio of 2:1. It’s the normal ratio seen in countertop filters.

With the help of flush valve, cleaning the filter is just a matter of minutes. This will also help in giving the membrane a durable life thereby removing all the pollutants/sediments building up in the system. You can also choose a booster pump to increase the water flow. The booster pump will double the increase of psi that will give you myriad benefits such as quick water storage, more purified water and less utility bills. The best partner for Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter is the EX400HF pump that increases the performance of the water filter that can raise the system pressure to 80 psi. It even comes with cut off switch that automatically goes off when the water pressure tends to go above the preset level. Another thing to note is the fact that Growonix RO Filter uses 50% less water than traditional RO systems in the market.
To ensure durable and healthy life, it is important that you maintain the Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter properly though it comes down to vital factors (1) condition of water and (2) the level of usage. For betterment, it is to replace the filters every 12 to 18 months. Even the membrane needs replacement every couple of years.

Growonix 400 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter is a complete DIY unit that is easy to maintain and operate. You get detailed instructions on how to go ahead with setting up the unit.