Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump

The Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump helps in increasing the water pressure to double your yields in hydroponics system. It is compatible with any RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter and works even on a very low pressure of 30psi.

You very well know how RO filter works for you. It is a whole pressure driven process. Usually personal filters come with a 30-35 psi which is normal. But the fact remains that low pressure psi has many disadvantages. For instance, the water flow is really slow not to mention the water quality that will be affected the most especially in water filters that run below 45 psi. Another thing you would note is the fact that low inlet pressure can increase more unfiltered water that will give you less consumption water. You would also note that storing the water will take more time which will also put a tool on your energy bills and the result is poor quality water delivered to your plants.

The Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump comes with the unique feature that doubles the water production to 150 psi from your RO filter. This product can really deliver pure filtered water to your plants by removing any contamination and residues that can affect the plants. The pump works best with GOEX/GOGX600/1000 RO system. The pressure switch in the pump shuts off power whenever there is an overload in the tank pressure level which is already preset by the factory. The normal default pressure setting would be around 80 psi that is triggered to the RO unit but the switch shuts off when the pressure reaches 40 psi. Though you can adjust these settings, it is best recommended not to fidget around.

You will notice that with the Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump at your hand, you can easily transfer water from a storage tank to multiple reservoirs without any decrease in the water flow. Similarly, when you open multiple valves, the DBP makes sure that you receive pure water at all times.

The Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump comes with heavy duty conductors that can really double your outlet capacity. Another feature of the conductors is they can really handle extra voltage draw. The cord is molded in a way that gives you hassle free durability. The Growonix High Pressure Booster Pump is available in two different models – (1) BP – 6010 and (2) BP – 6010 – CH. Choose the one that suits you the best.