GrowoniX High Flow Replacement Membrane GXM1000HF

Growonix reverse osmosis filters are considered the most efficient water filters in the world. They are hand built in the USA. Growonix provides the widest range of water filter units with various unique features. It offers different types of water filtering system, its parts/ components and other supplies. Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 filter is one of a kind product offered by Growonix.

Features of Growonix Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 filters

  • 1. Water Flow – The XLP/GX1000 Growonix filter is designed to flow 42 Gallons per Hour (GPH) of pure RO water.
  • Membrane – Growonix Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 uses 2 Growonix GXM1000 High flow TFC membrane elements. This highest flow membranes is industry’s top considered for maximum impurities rejections. Nominal rejection is 98.5% and minimum is 96%.
  • Carbon/Sediment – It comes with two 4″x21″ MemShell Coconut Carbon Cartridges. Each cartridge is rated for 100,000 gallons chlorine reduction at 2 PPM chlorine.
  • Frame – Growonix Reverse Osmosis filter XLP/GX1000 has aluminum powder coated frame for providing better-quality corrosion resistance.
  • Tank – With the capacity of 24oz, accumulator pressure tank is included with XLP/GX1000 filter that reduces TDS creeping and improves overall efficiency.
  • Membrane Flush Valve – This valve offers easy cleaning of impurities and extension of membrane life.
  • Casters – For easy roll away convenience the Growonix Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 comes with 1.5″ casters.
  • Easy Maintenance & Operation – The XLP/GX1000 model of Growonix is compact design unit that have all of its components skillfully located and pre-plumbed easy access and monitoring.

Membrane always plays an important role in purifying water in your RO systems. The life of the membrane depends on many factors or otherwise if required membrane should be replace. Growonix Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 also needs replacement membrane. First of all lets understand how long your existing membrane will last and when you should replace it.

How Long can the Growonix Reverse Osmosis replacement membrane for the XLP/GX1000 membrane last?

Membrane Replacement in the XLP/GX1000 filter depends on its life. Further its years of service also depends on many factors such as

  • The quality of incoming water
  • How frequently the pre-filters are changed
  • The filter waste ratio
  • At what intervals the RO membrane is flushed.

If incoming Water supply consists of many pollutants, it could levy heavy load on pre-filters ultimately allowing more impurities reaching the RO membrane. Changing pre-filters at regular intervals will considerably help extend membrane life. Thus eliminates the use of Growonix Reverse Osmosis replacement membrane for the XLP/GX1000.

Growonix Reverse Osmosis filter XLP/GX1000 is designed to offer reduced waste ratios. Hence, filters put more stress on the RO membrane for high waste ratios. For this reason the pre installed membrane flush valves should be used. These Flush valves allow you to accurately flush out pollutants that would otherwise cut down membrane life.

It is recommended to flush the RO membrane after every use, as this way you can extend membrane life by 100% without the need of replacement membrane. Also, performing weekly membrane flushing activity can also significantly extend the life and functionality of your XLP/GX1000 membranes.

When To Use Replacement Membrane?

Replacement membrane for the XLP/GX1000 should be used in either of the cases below:

  • One, the overall water flow rate of your Growonix Reverse Osmosis water filter declines. (Please note, this can also be cause by unclean pre-filters or low incoming water pressure)
  • Second, The PPM (parts per million) reading of the Reverse Osmosis XLP/GX1000 water rises beyond your desired level.

Timely cleaning and flushing of your entire Growonix filter system will reduce the chance of using the Reverse Osmosis replacement membrane for the XLP/GX1000. Moreover, it will keep pollutants away and provide your plants with clean water to thrive.