Hesi Bloom Complex

The Hesi Bloom Complex is a bloom booster that the plants are fed on to increase the flowering and fruiting. It contains the necessary nutrition needed to stimulate the process. It contains the macro nutrients as well as the micro nutrients necessary to promote healthy and lush blooming. These nutrients add to the nutrition for some extra growth and more and more flowers bloom that also increase the fruiting. The pH adjustment capability makes way to better nutrient absorption and the plants shows healthier blooming than ever before. Hesi Bloom Complex can be used for plants under hydroponics system as they provide maximum yield.

The nutrients in Hesi Bloom Complex 10 liter

The macro nutrients in the Hesi Bloom Complex are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. It also contains the magnesium and calcium as the minor ingredients. It is also abundant in the vitamins and amino acids needed by the constructive processes in the flowers and fruits. Together they result in an exuberant flowering experience, without any hassles.

Hesi Bloom Complex has 3% Nitrogen, 2.6% phosphate, 3.6% potash in it. In addition to this there are trace elements like copper, boron, cobalt, iodine, iron, magnesium, molybdenum and zinc as well. These trace elements are in ready to use form so that they can be used to their fullest and the plants can also provide maximum output.. The vitamins present are B1, B2, and B6 along with necessary plant sugars.

Features of Hesi Bloom Complex 10 liter

  • Low Electrical Conductivity (EC): Hesi Bloom Complex has both organic and mineral nitrogen so that the plants have it in readily usable form. The combination of organic and mineral nitrates decreases the EC and thus the salt formation. Higher salt formation may result in even stunted growth and with low EC the plants can get the necessary nutrients and yet not form more salts in their system which increases the nutrient potential and the plants growth. The reduction in salt accumulation also facilitates better flushing results in the end and the plants will be healthier.
  • pH Corrector: The Hesi Bloom Complex has the pH corrector in it. pH corrector means the nutrient solution is acidic in nature and can make the water slightly acidic. The acidic medium can facilitate faster nutrient intake by the plants. With the Bloom complex there is no need for an external pH corrector.
  • Dosage is mixing 50 ml of Hesi Bloom Complex in 10 liters of water. The dosage can vary according to the plant type. It is better to start at 20 ml per 10 liter and then increase by 5 ml every week for sensitive plants like the orchids. Hesi Bloom Complex performs better when used along with the Hesi Phosphorous Plus. The combination helps in better essential oil built up in the flowers and the resultant fruits.

For the large scale growers, the 10 liter can of the Hesi Bloom Complex is suitable. With the 50 ml dosage the 10L can last for many cycles and is more economical than getting the smaller quantity bottles. Compatible for both soil and hydroponics, the Hesi Bloom Complex 10 liter is readily soluble in water without forming any residues.