Hesi Coco Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes all those essential nutrients that your plants require to thrive. It is most appropriate for people unaware or new to gardening. Hesi Coco Starter Kit is one such product that includes all required nutrients for you to start with. All nutrients are conveniently packaged in one secured box. It offers you with a pack of six vital nutrients that are reasonably priced.

Hesi Coco Starter Kit is useful for all stages of plant life cycle. It is helpful for cloning / prop, root boost, early vegetation, vegetative growth, early flowering, flowering, final flowering and flower / fruit boosting.

What All Are Included In Hesi Coco Starter Kit?

TNT Complex

It is a fertilizer for plants growth useful in early stages that ensures optimum root health. It works to break down dead root matter as otherwise it will reduce the absorption of nutrients. Hesi Coco Starter Kit includes 500 ml TNT Complex pack that is helpful for both soil and hydroponic systems. It contains minimal amount of salt, 100% organic nitrogen, low EC value, vitamins, amino acids and plant active sugars to offer highest degree of effectiveness.

Coco Bloom Complex

Hesi Coco bloom Complex is a full pack plant food plus fertilizer for growing and flowering plants. This supplement is prepared on coco substrates for healthy plant growth and bountiful flowering. It contains A+B supplement combined into one pack. Organic and mineral nitrogen, vitamins and other trace vital elements for flowering stage are also included in it. This Coco Kit comes with full 1 liter bottle of Coco Bloom Complex.

PK 13/14

This adds to the existing phosphorus and potassium content for Plants helpful for flowering. As flowering is considered the highest point in plant life, PK 13/14 helps boost flower formation. During metabolism process phosphorus supports enzymes and hereditary traits whereas and potassium works as a transmitter within the plant. It is suggested to start using PK 13/14 only in the second half of flowering phase. 1 liter of PK 13/14 is provided in this Starter Kit.

Root complex

Root Complex works as a stimulator for plants. It is a useful nutrient for plants healthy roots and high resistance in any growing medium. It is useful for clones, young plants, mother plants and plants under strain. It includes vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars, enzyme and some trace elements to offer clones/ young plants with best possible start. It enhances plant roots system to efficiently absorb food and offer thick stems and dark green color. 500 ml of Root Complex included will work wonders for clones as well as mother plants.

Power Zyme

Enzymes are important for optimum root health during any plant stage. It supports breaking of dead plant roots and gives room for new roots to grow. It is most advantageous during initial stages of plant life. Power Zyme comes in 500 ml pack.


SuperVit is a big booster for plants growth and flowering hormones. It contains 25 vital elements (15 vitamins and 10 amino acids) to offer extra strength. These elements plays vital role in plant metabolism and forms building blocks for plants. Also, it’s ready to use feature supports plants in formation of hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll while saving time and energy. This saved energy is utilized by plants in flowering, growth and other activities. This kit comes in 10 ml Super Vit bottle.

This ultimate Hesi Coco Starter Kit is highly recommended for both beginners or experienced growers. The kit also comes with easy to follow grow schedule for beginners. It is the best option to try Hesi Coco Starter Kit nutrients for the first time growers.