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Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter

Hesi Hydro Bloom

Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter is a product from Hesi that contains all the good nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen etc. and many more.

Essential for healthy growth of plants, Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter is enriched with the active elements that maintains the flora in the soil. In the purest from available, Hesi includes all the good components that delivers you good yields throughout the year. Let’s see at some of the features that they provide.


K element (Potassium) is a crucial ingredient for plant growth. When delivered in large amounts, root absorbs much of the potassium, motivates water and helps in development of plant tissue. It also promotes the resistance to diseases and insects thereby increasing the longevity of the plants during changing seasons.


Another ‘not to be missed’ element is Phosphorus (P) that controls the photosynthesis of plants. It also helps in building the proper structure of plants thereby promoting root growth, winter hardiness helping in early maturity of plants.

There were many research conducted regarding the efficiency of phosphorus that resulted in increased growth of plants and delivering higher number of yields.


Want dark green luscious leaves looking an absolute treat to eyes? Then include nitrogen in your plant’s diet. Inclusion of nitrogen can really boost up your plant’s health. Though nitrogen is available in soil, its not always up to the needed amount which means you add an additional mix that can aid to richer harvest every time of the year.

When you include Nitrogen filled Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter in your plant’s water, it delivers you green foliage and stems. Plants who are grown for their foliage such as lettuce, spinach etc. can benefit from nitrogen. But if you are growing fruits like tomatoes check for nitrogen level as excess can give you less flowers and deliver poor fruits.

Bottomline, Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter contains many nutrients which includes amino acids and vitamins that optimize the plant development. It comes with a pH corrector that can balance the pH levels in the water. This will help in proper nutrient balance that promotes easy absorption by the plants without addition of any fillers or toxic chemicals.

The composition of Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter also includes other vital elements such as cobalt, copper, B-vitamins, iron, manganese, calcium and many more that do only good for the plants without hindering their growth.
The recommended dosage of the Hesi Hydro Bloom 20 Liter is 50ml for 10 litres of water. Simply mix the proportion to the water and watch your plants grow.

Hesi says that one liter of Hydro bloom is more than enough for 200 liters of water. So you do the math of how 20 liter will work for you. It is recommended to check the pH level and if you want to raise the nutrient, add Hesi ph- or pH+ that will balance off the level making the nutrient much more effective for giving throughout harvest. So stop pondering and start growing and do not forget to put a note to me on how did you find the product.

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