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Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter

Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter

For healthy growth of plants, Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter comes with high concentration level of nutrients that will give you a great lineage of plants all through the year. Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter contains elements that are essential for maintaining the flora in the soil.

A completely pure product, it possesses all the good ingredients that are pure and void of any toxic chemicals or fillers that are a bane to the environment. This will in fact help in leaving no residue thereafter.

The prominent ingredient of the Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter is nitrogen. It is one of the key ingredients that can really shoot up plants growth. The presence of nitrogen in the soil depends on various factors such as moisture, temperature, condition of soil and the activity of good bacteria in the soil.

Hesi Hydro Growth 20 Liter comes with nitrogen that is essential for plant life. If your plants are showing symptoms such as pale leaves or yellow colored growth, then your plants are showings signs of nitrogen deficiency.

Apart from phosphorus and potassium, nitrogen is the third and most important component that is essential for plant life. The nitrogen component of Hesi Hydro Growth can actually help the plants to grow in large amounts. When mixed with soil, they can improve the growth of plants right from the roots. It can really boost the living cells and can help in the metabolic processes of transferring the energy in various parts of the plants.

With proper proportion of Hesi Hydro Growth, you will find that the germination process is more rapid than expected, the production of fruit has improved, the quality of the leaf crops has raised to a good amount. For those who don’t know, nitrogen is a vital part of chlorophyll (the green pigment) which is major component for photosynthesis.

Hesi Hydro Growth contains small proportions of phosphorus and potash that are easily soluble. The product is derived from urea, potassium nitrate, potassium chloride etc. and more. Since the growing stage of the plant is vital, it utilizes as much nitrogen as possible during that phase and hence Hesi Hydro Growth has included more nitrogen than any other product in the market. This will help each and every plant to grow “completely” giving you the best results.

The recommended dosage is 50ml with 10 litres of water. Simply mix the soluble content as per the dosage and watch your plants grow. Hesi Hydro Growth is available in different quantities such as 1, 5, 10 and 20 liters. If you are finicky about buying it as a whole, go ahead with the basic pack. The maximum 20 liter pack will keep you going for a couple of years without any trouble depending on your growing arena.

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