Hesi Hydro Starter Kit

The start kits are a blessing for the beginners in gardening. They do not need to worry about what all nutrients they need to provide the plants and neither do they need to look for the appropriate nutrients. The Hesi Hydro Starter Kit saves more for the grower and also provides all that is needed for the initial gardening set up. If it is easy for the beginners with the grow schedule, the Hesi Hydro Starter Kit is easier for the experience growers. They simply need to pick the kit and get on with the growing. Gardening is much easier with this convenient Hesi Hydro Starter kit that suits the hydro planting systems. This hydro starter kit includes:

Hesi Hydro Growth is for the vegetative growth of the plants and has the NPK vales as 3-2-4. It has more nitrogen and potassium that increases the cell growth and provide better resistance for the younger plants. The Hydro growth in the Hesi Hydro Starter Kit provides for an energy booster as well. The ingredients are added in the proportion to suit the vegetative growth and serve the duty well enough to make strong and healthy plants right from the young age.

Hesi Hydro Bloom is a flowering booster for the plants in the hydroponic system. It is enriched in elements that actively increase the energy and provides the extra nutrients needed at the flowering stage. It contains all the macro and micro nutrients needed and stimulates the plant to form more flowers in a positive manner. It results in a lively bloom. By including Bloom Complex in the Hesi Hydro Starter kit, there is no need for two items for flower boosting and pH corrector. The bloom complex can correct the pH of the water by making it slightly acidic.

PK 13/14 is the phosphorous and potassium required by the plants during the flowering period. The metabolism at this stage is at maximum and need more amount of the required nutrients. Adding them at the right time makes the plants happy and rewards with a lush growth. It is used in the final weeks of flowering and is gradually increased in dosage, each week. The composition of PK 13/14 in the Hesi Hydro Starter Kit is 9% phosphorous and 7.2% potassium. Phosphorous maintain the genetic development and potassium is for maintaining the cell’s osmotic pressure.

Root Complex stimulates root growth in both the young plants and clones equally. The Root complex makes the Hesi Hydro Starter Kit a complete package that can be used from start to end. It can ensure both stronger root and thicker and healthier stem as well. It can improve the overall look of the plants.

Power Zyme in the Hesi Hydro Strater Kit has got the necessary enzymes needed for growth promotion. These enzymes help in the degradation of the dead roots and gets rid of them. The dead roots make a mass and interfere with the nutrient absorption by the existing and newer roots. Once added they can work for a few days until they are fully utilized. By regularly adding the Power zyme into the hydro system is preferable.
Super Vit is a stimulator and needed in very small quantity. It contains the vitamins and amino acids for the growth and provides energy for the process. It can help in flowering and support, for better resistance and being healthy. In the Hesi Hydro starter Kit the Super Vit is provided in a small 10ml bottle.