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Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter

Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20lt

Though it says Phosphorus in the name, Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter also includes Potassium in the plant diet to deliver optimum results to you. With Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter and its excellent ingredients, you will find an excellent partner for water that will give you a lifetime of blossoming yields all year long.

Just like humans need nutrients to build their health, plants need them too and Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter is one of the efficient method to feed your plants with rich nutrients. There are two unavoidable elements for the growth of plants – potassium and phosphorus. With the right dosage, you can be sure that your plants are getting optimum nutrients which can be seen in the end result – harvest.

Many garden lovers use Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter along with Hesi Bloom Complex during the flowering phase as it is this time when they need both these elements at peak.

The potassium in the Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter helps the water, carbohydrates in the plants to “move” and reach to every area of the plant tissue. This will result in rapid growth of plants, a rise in the production of protein, winter hardiness, and strength to fight diseases and insects that try to attack the plants. Though it is available in soil, it would be good if you check the level of potassium content in the soil.

Similarly, phosphorus is a complex component in Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter that can really promote root growth, tillering and increase the maturity of plants. If your plants are phosphorus deficient they will display an abnormally green color. It might also give you a reddish purple color which is often confused with nitrogen deficiency but mostly keep in mind that it is probably because of lack of phosphorus content in the plant food. Another symptom is a yellow withered look on the face of your plants though it appears during cold temperatures and even affects the root extension. Proper proportion of phosphorus can give you root growth and winter hardiness.

Hesi Phosphorus Plus 20 Liter comes with correct mix of both the ingredients that will result in extra growth of plants giving more flowering and vegetating resulting in better looking yields than before. It comes in soluble form which does not leave any residue in your reservoir. The dosage Hesi suggests is 25 ml for 10 litres of water.

In conclusion, you can actually see more blossoming flowers once you include Hesi Phosphorus Plus in your water. If you are finicky about ordering a big pack, choose a lesser quantity of 1 liter or 5 liter that will give you an idea of how the product works for you. Oh, ya…do not forget to put a note on the after effects of the product.

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