Hesi Power Clean 5 Liter

As the name suggests the Hesi Power Clean 5 liter can is used for cleaning the plant and growing system. By introducing the Power Clean into the water, the soil system, coco medium and the hydroponics systems are kept clean of the organic dead material that interfere with the nutrition of the plants. The Hesi Power Clean decomposes the dead matter into organic nourishment. The dead plant cells are wrecked to form dextrose, the plant sugar required for their development. It will not be wrong to say that Hesi Power Clean recycles the troubling root cells into useful nutrition that are easy to absorb and utilized well.

The purpose of Hesi Power Clean 5 liter

A plant growing system does not always include only the growing part, there is degradation also. When one part of the plant develop new roots and shoots, another part will be dying its natural death. The leaf, stem, and root cells die every day and these dying parts later become organic fertilizer for the growing parts. In the controlled grow systems these dried parts are not always removed and when they get accumulated, it consumes more oxygen to decompose the dead matter. This reduces the oxygen availability for the growing cells and roots. The Hesi Power Clean helps remove this dead debris and keeps the plants parts, reservoir, and the growing medium clean and healthy for the growing plants.

The usefulness of the Hesi Power Clean 5 liter is more in getting rid of the dead root cells that posts more trouble to the growing systems. By adding Hesi Power Clean in the watering system, it gets rid of the dead roots and other organic waste regularly to keep the insides and grow environment clean for healthy growing.

How Hesi Power Clean 5 liter works?

The Hesi Power Clean contains many useful plant enzymes that help in the decomposition of the dead root matter. It is an enzyme extract that suits all types of growth medium. These enzymes decompose and break the dead root cells into usable nutrients. The decomposition also makes way to better oxygen availability for the roots. The enzymes in the Hesi Power Clean can stimulate better rooting and can accelerate nutrient absorption from the water.

The mechanism is by activating the decomposing bacteria to work harder and faster. The beneficial bacteria are present all the time in the roots and grow medium. They make the unwanted organic matter into absorbable form that can be used for the growth and other activities in the plants. The Hesi Clean Power helps in complete utilization of nutrients coming in any manner. It makes way for the available nutrient to get absorbed and also takes part in the formation of newer nutrition from the plants itself.

Dosage of Hesi Power Clean 5 liter

The dosage for Hesi Power Clean is to add 2 ml of the solution for every liter of water. This 5 liter bottle will be useful for a long time. It can be added in the daily watering of soil medium, cleaning water for the coco medium and in the regular water change in the hydroponics. By cleansing the plant parts and the growing medium and environment Hesi Power Clean reduces the root rot and enhances the plant’s natural resistance.