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Hesi product line is designed to stimulate plant growth and improve yields. Its product contains the optimal amount of nutrients essential for plant growth during various growth phases. After putting years of dedication, experience and scientific technology these superior quality products are the outcome. Hesi Root Formula 2.5 Liter pack is one such unique product offered by Hesi.

Root Formula is a plant stimulator for improving plants strength. Hesi offers Root Formula in various quantities- 1 Liter, 2.5Liter, 5 Liter, 10 Liter and 20 Liter pack for you to choose most appropriate one. The various other features of Hesi Root Formula 2.5 Liter pack are:

  • Root Formula ensures strong root system for healthy plants, deep green color and thick stems.
  • Hesi Root Formula 2.5 Liter works as a tonic for clones, young plants, mother plants and for plants under stress situations.
  • It is a vital plant starter for healthy strong roots while offering high resistance.
  • Hesi Root Formula allows optimal plant condition in any plant growing medium.
  • Strong healthy roots improve food absorption capabilities and activate bacteria in the soil.
  • In stressful situation like repotting, Hesi Root assists in improving the overall plant condition.
  • It boosts highest amount of colonization of healthy micro-organisms in any medium.
  • It is a perfect solution for mother plants as well as clones. It is advisable to add some amount of Hesi Root Formula to the mother plant just a few days before you plan to cut the clones. This will ensure that your new plants already hold all the required components for speedy roots.

Content of Hesi Root Formula 2.5 Liter

Hesi Root Formula is formed by combining trace elements with vital components such as vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes that provides optimal start for young plants.

1. Vitamins- Vitamin B is an essential supplement that produces stronger plants with larger yields. Vitamin C improves the photosynthesis process in plants and makes the fruit more nutritious. Vitamin E decreases plants’ vulnerability to cold temperatures and facilitates longevity and better growth. Combination of various vitamins available in Root Formula strengthens plants and produces tasty nutritious crops.

2. Amino Acids- Amino acids in proper quantities is essential to increase yield and overall plant quality. It also either directly or indirectly influences the physiological activities of the plant. The stress conditions like frost, Pest attack, etc. have a negative effect on plant metabolism that reduces plant quality and quantity. The application of Amino Acids before, during and after the stress conditions help in preventing and recovering. The perfect content of Amino Acids in this formula improves quality and increases yields.

3. Plant Sugars- The photosynthesis process helps plants to produce sugars that are an immediate energy source for plants to live and grow. Excess amount of sugars is stored by plants as sucrose as energy reserve for night. Plants also utilize sugars as building blocks to form plant cell walls and provide the plant with strong structure and support.
4. Enzymes- There is some enzymes that are used by plants for metabolism and some other involved with photosynthesis process. It is also used to control reactions and to create useful molecules like ATP. Its inclusion in this formula will aid your plants with strong root health.

Hesi Root Formula 2.5 Liter is ideal use during plants entire life cycle. It is appropriate for clones and mother plants to help them thrive, improve yield and produce quality crop.