Hesi Soil Starter Kit

Starter kits for nutrients are the economical pack for the buyers who are new to gardening. They may not know what to buy and how and when to use each type of nutrient. The Hesi Soil Starter kits are for the beginners growing their plants in soil. This starter kit contains all the required feed for the plants for each stage of their growth. It comes in a convenient box, securely packed. The Hesi Soil Starter Kit is highly recommended one for the newcomers. The kit contains the feeding schedules and clear instructions. There will be no problem in using it for the first time.

The contents in the Hesi Soil Starter Kit

TNT Complex is the plant food during the vegetative growth period. The 1 liter pack of TNT Complex in the Hesi Soil starter kit promotes root growth as well as the aerial growth of the plants. It breaks down the dead root matter to allow nutrient availability for the new ones. It contains no salt but only organic compounds that can be fully used by the young plants. It can bring out higher output than many other nutrients of the same category. It makes the Hesi Soil Starter kit a very valuable ingredient for a garden setup.

Bloom Complex is a flower fertilizer. The plants need fertilizers and so does the flowers. Flowers need their own feed to be healthy and large and the Bloom complex provides the necessary nutrients. It contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and a few trace elements. Apart from these there are amino acids and vitamins needed during the flowering. It also has pH correcting ability and makes the water pH acidic to facilitate better absorption by the plants. The Bloom complex in the Hesi Soil Starter kit is a 1 liter bottle.

Phosphorous Plus is abundant in potassium and phosphorous. They are essential during the flowering period. During the second phase of the flowering stage it is used in combination with the Hesi Bloom complex. The potassium helps in faster transport of nutrients to the flowers and phosphorous helps in the extra formation of blooms. It is a bloom booster for the plants and including the 1 liter bottle of it in the Hesi Soil Starter Kit makes the kit complete for a better harvest.

Root Complex is a root stimulant. Including it in the Hesi Soil starter kit makes it useful right from the intial stage of gardening. Root complex may be used for initiating rooting in clones and promote healthy root formation and improves the food absorption. It promotes both stronger stem and root systems. It contains vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and sugars needed by the plants. Ideal for mother plants and clones, Root complex is provided in the 500 ml pack.

Super Vit makes the Hesi Soil Starter Kit unique. The SuperVit is a plant stimulator and is not something seen in other starter kits. It contains 25 vital elements like vitamins and amino acids needed by the plants. As these vitamins and amino acids are for the metabolic activities, they form the building blocks for the plants. These elements are provided in a ready to use form so that the plants need not spend energy manufacturing them. This energy is used to boost the growth and other activities. Flowering, light absorption, metabolism, growth etc shows visible improvement with using Super Vit. It can be used in all stages and forms an integral and prestigious part of Hesi Soil Starter Kit.