Hesi TNT Complex 500 ml

Hesi TNT Complex is a growth fertilizer for the plants growing in the soil medium and coco medium. The Hesi TNT Complex – 10 liter contains more nitrogen needed by the plants to develop new roots and shoots from the clones, mother plants, or cuttings. It is an all time rooting booster that not only helps develop new roots but also helps in getting rid of the old and dead roots that form a mass on the plants. These dead root mass interfere with the new roots and reduce the nutrient availability. By degrading the dead roots, a better environment is created for the new roots to be healthy and stronger. They can be used for plants grown in grow boxes

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Features of Hesi TNT Complex

Hesi TNT Complex is suitable for the early or younger growth stage of the plants. The ingredients in the TNT complex are easy on the plants and are taken up fast. The ready to use components are in milder state for the delicate roots and shoots.

The Hesi TNT Complex contains the organic nitrogen, phosphorous and potash. They are present in the ratio of 2.8, 2.2, and 3.1 respectively. The lower percentage of nitrogen does not matter as the organic nitrate contains more amount of nitrogen in them.

Hesi TNT Complex also contains other vital nutrients like vitamins like B1, B2 and B3, plant sugars, and amino acids that are used as building blocks for the new shoot and roots. There are magnesium, calcium, sulfur, manganese, molybdenum, iodine, cobalt, copper, zinc etc. They can develop more number of growing points and result in lush growth both upwards and downwards. It can also provide and maintain the green leaves throughout the vegetative growth.

It contains only the organic nitrogen that is utilized fully by the plants and so not takes part in any slat formation. The low salt formation of Hesi Complex TNT results in low EC or electrical conductivity of the nutrient. The low EC value is considered higher quality as the plants need not suffer unnecessary salt accumulation in them. The low salt formation goes well with the younger plants as they can just concentrate on growing and growing.

Hesi TNT Complex is available in 1, 5 and 10 liter bottles of which the most economical is the 10 liter one. The dosage for the TNT complex is 2.5 ml for every liter for the clones or mother plants. The dosage is 5 ml per liter for the other vegetative plants. The 10 liter bottle will be useful for a longer period even of it is used for a large scale gardening. One liter is sufficient for 200 liters of water so the 10 L bottle will be useful for many watering. The Hesi TNT Complex can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants equally.

Hesi tnt complex reviews

Care must be taken not to over dose with Hesi TNT complex – 10 liter as the plants will grow much higher and the there will be more energy consumption by the plants to carry the nutrients from the roots to the top. The aim is to make lush growth to all the sides so that there is more yield and not to make the tallest plants. Always store in a cool and dark place away from sunlight and tighten the cap after every use.

What is the hesi tnt complex npk Level?

hesi TNT complex NPK level is Nitrogen 3%, Phosphorus 2.3%, Potassium 3.1%. the NPK level for HESI tnt complex is created for optimum plant growth and healthy foliage.

is hesi tnt complex available in 500ml?

The TNT complex Hesi is not available in 500 Ml package yet. the minimum packed quantity is 1 Litre and upwards. we suggest that you try a sample pack of Hesi TNT complex when they are available online. You can subscribe for Free trial packs now on the Subscribe section.!

Where can i buy hesi tnt complex 1 l?

Hesi TNT complex 1 L is available from Dealzer at the best price. Check out dealzer.com from the below link to check out the best price and free shipping options

Other TNT complex Hesi available are

  • hesi tnt complex 5l

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Credits: http://www.lovethispic.com/

Credits: http://www.lovethispic.com/

Frequently Asked Questions – Hesi TNT complex

What exactly is Hesi TNT complex and how will it help my plants?

Hesi TNT Complex is a nutrient that is best advised for growing plants right from the vegetative phase to full growth. The nutrient comes with all the necessary ingredients that are vital for delivering rich herbage. Many of the components in Hesi TNT complex are organic which will help the young and mother plants to derive active sugars, vitamins and amino acids that ensures healthy growth.

How are the reviews of hesi TNT complex – good or bad?

Frankly, there are not much reviews about TNT Complex but keeping in mind the existing reviews, they are quite satisfactory. Few growers have noticed good results when compared to their previous yields and after use of Hesi TNT complex yields.

What is NPK in hesi tnt complex?

NPK stands for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus and K for Potassium that are necessary for plant’s proper growth. Plants need these three elements in different levels in each and every stage of growing to deliver healthy results.

Why do I need Hesi TNT PH minus bloom?

Hesi TNT PH minus bloom is a product that that is used to lower the pH balance in the nutrient solution. It is majorly used in the bloom phase. Maintaining a correct pH balance is very crucial. For instance, if your pH balance is low, it will damage the roots and if your pH is high, plants will find it difficult to absorb the important nutrients.

What are the measurements that hesi tnt complex is available?

Hesi TNT complex are available at different measurements depending on the products ranging from 500ml, 1l, 2.5l, 5l to 20l. You can order your package as per your preference.

What is Complex hesi tnt coco used for?

Hesi coco complex is a supplement that is used for flowering on coco substrates. Key ingredients include both organic and mineral nitrogen along with other vitamins and elements that have been stabilized to deliver profuse flowering. Hesi coco does not include salts as it can hinder the nutritional value for the plant.

Where can I questions regarding Complex hesi tnt ?

There are many forum that are available online such as 420magazine.com where you can ask questions regarding growing or you can ask the customer service of Hesi TNT complex if you have any queries in mind.[/restab]