TNT Complex 500 ml

Hesi is one of the biggest names in the plants fertilizer industry with its advanced technological formulation of fertilizers which enables a near complete growth of the plants. Hesi developed its image through its wonderful and efficient products which is a result of continuous research in the field of hydroponic systems. Nearly all the products comes with a pH corrector which corrects the pH level in the soil and makes it less acidic which enables the plants to quickly intake all the needed nutrients efficiently from the soil.

Hesi provides product mixes which are aimed at the various stages of a plants growth which makes it easy for the planter. This efficiency in the products has enabled the company to flourish to an internationally reputed company. In this article I would like to give you a brief introduction to one of their many wonderful products which goes by the brand name of Hesi TNT complex 20 liter.

Hesi TNT complex is one among the many awesome products that the house of Hesi put forward. This particular line of product helps in maintaining the optimum root health at all times. The working of the product is through the breaking down of dead root matter in both soil and hydroponic systems which can accumulate and can reduce the absorption rate of the plants. Hesi TNT complex is especially useful in promoting healthy root growth in the earlier stages of the plants development. Hesi TNT complex is also a powerful growth supplement which does not impose and put hard pressure on the roots of the plants. The main ingredient in Hesi TNT is nitrogen and is completely organic in its nature and organic nitrogen compounds don’t have any EC value as they are not salts. The lesser content of the salts makes it easy for the faster growth of the plants. The Hesi TNT complex comes with a set of nutrients and amino acids which makes them perfect for the growing stages of the plants. The strength in the roots can be seen in the color of the green leaves and this is at the best when Hesi TNT complex in used.
Hesi TNT complex also comes many packages which makes it flexible for both small time and large volume users. The sizes in which it is available are 1liter, 5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters. Hesi products are efficient and at the same time user friendly which makes it the planters best companion. Happy growing!