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How does HID grow lamp system work?

A HID (high intensity discharge) grow lamp system comes with MH and HPS grow lamps that are used to grow plants during different stages of growth. If you are planning to grow any plant right from marijuana to tomatoes indoors, HID grow lamp system can really get you good yields. If you want to know how HID grow lamps work, then this is for you.

Normally, HID grow lamp systems come with MH (metal halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium) grow bulbs along with ballast, reflector and socket. Both the bulbs have their own responsibilities for helping out a plant right from its seeding stage to the harvest stage.

While the MH lamp in the HID grow lamp system gives a blue/green spectrum, HPS lamp gives a yellow/orange/red spectrum to the plants. The MH lamps are ideal for leafy plants such as cabbage, lettuce etc. that are on the vegetative stage. The MH lamps are typical choices for plants that have no natural light. HPS grow lamps on the other hand, are best recommended for fruiting and flowering stages. The HPS lamps represent the natural daylight and hence both are used by many horticulturists to grow large amount of plants at all times.

When you are using HID grow lamp systems, you are bound to have luscious and dark green leaves with rich and ripe fruit bearing plants waiting to be plucked. However, they produce a good amount of heat which needs to be exhausted especially when you are growing in small areas. This is one of the reasons why the lamp systems have ducting ports to let out all the heat.

The MH grow lamps replicate the summer season sunlight which will cause your plants to grow fast with all the active body parts such as strong stems, healthy branches and dark green leaves which will give you short and dense plants all year through.

If you have already purchased a MH lamp, its okay. But if you have not and are on a tight budget to opt for two bulbs, then go with the HPS lamp because it gives you satisfactory result helping plants to grow plants at all stages successfully. You might have noticed HPS lamps as they are usually used in street lights or stadiums because of their efficient nature. The yellowish light of the HPS lamp makes the plants to stretch out and reach towards the light promoting a healthy growth with a respectable height. The best part of using HPS lamp is your plant’s height is not at all compromised which will culminate in excellent herbage.

However, if you want proper yields, then make use of both HID grow lamps (MH and HPS) as they will give you successful harvest every year without any compromise on quality.

The ballast and reflectors of the HID grow lamp system are there for a reason. While the ballast manages to provide proper flow of energy to the plants, the reflectors ensure that your plants get proper lumens at all times without leaving any area for hot spots. Hot spots are corner areas of plants where it is difficult to get lumens which can really hinder the plant growth.

Bottomline, a good quality HID grow lamp system can deliver you good results at the end of every growth. The MH bulbs and HPS bulbs have good amount of efficiency and needs to be replaced every 12-16 months.

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