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Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or an expert. If you are planning to grow plants right from the seed to harvest, then hydroponic commercial fully automated hydroponic grow system called the Cash Crop 5.0 is best suited for you.

Owning a hydroponic system is a pride in its own way. So here’s Cash crop 5.0 hydroponic commercial fully automated grow system that gives you an all new experience of having a hydroponic system right at your home. With this commercial fully automated hydroponics grow system, you can grow anything to everything right from the seeding stage through the harvest.

As it is completely automated, you need not worry about keeping a check regarding watering the plants, turning on/off the grow lights etc. and many more. The Cash Crop 5.0 comes with a single rack and a hydroponic system that will grow your plants right from the base. This saves you much time and energy as you need not transfer the plants every now and then one chamber to another depending on the growth phase.

This commercial fully automated hydroponic grow system comes with a 6 planter system that will give you bigger and better yields compared to other hydroponic system in the market. Of course, if you can’t let go of your love for soil, Cash Crop 5.0 even arrives with a 2 planter system that will grow only two plants using soil methods.

I personally recommend hydroponic system as its less risky and you need not bother much about pests or rodents hovering over your plants. The grow lights of the grow box arrives with a power of 60w CFL bulbs that helps the plants during every growth phase. The grow lights come with two types – flowering and grow bulbs that can be plugged for vital plant growth. So no more changing the grow lights as per the growth stage of the plants. The adjustable hanging light system makes it easier for you to keep the plants close to the grow lights thereby motivating them to grow higher. You will also find air stone along with air line and pump which will provide fresh oxygen to the roots of the plants. Since the hydroponic system operates on water, your plants will stay healthy all the time right from the base.

This  commercial fully automated hydroponic grow system comes with a lock and key system which makes it absolutely stealth to use so as to prevent unwanted guests from taking a look at your cabinet. To top this, you will find a 190 CFM fan that will replicate the wind outside not to mention strengthening the stems of the plants by making resistant to any strong force.

For easy germination purposes, you will be provided with a starter plugs which will help the seedlings to germinate easily. All you have to do is place the seeds in the plugs and introduce them to the hydroponic system.

You will also find carbon filters that will eliminate any odor from entering the system and removing them effectively. The result is a clean fresh air that is neutral, crisp and clean every time you open the cabinet.

If this is not enough, the commercial fully automated hydroponic grow system comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY (Yes, you heard that right) that means replacement of parts any time of the year if needed.

The Cash Crop 5.0 is a product from Dealzer that gives you whole lot of features at an affordable cost without compromising on quality. There are many reviews from actual gardeners who have used this product and feel that it genuinely works. Many even compliment the customer service that are knowledgeable and help the garden newbies to get through any doubts they have regarding hydroponic gardening indoors.

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Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics LED Grow Box
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