LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller

You can make your hydroponic grow systems automatic by using controllers. Yes, now for controlling and maintaining each and every aspect inside the hydroponics system and for the healthy and quality growth of the plants there are Controllers available to do that.
So the light, temperature, CO2 levels, humidity and anything else can be controlled and maintained. Catering to this field is the Hydroponic LTL Controllers. The products offered by the Hydroponic LTL Controllers are Environmental Controllers, CO2 Controllers and Generators, Recycling timers and Lighting controllers.

The Hydroponic LTL Controllers helps in controlling the following:

1. Lighting – The lighting system installed inside a hydroponic grow box should always be maintained. Excess lighting might lead to high heat output and this hinders the normal growth of the plants. The Lighting Hydroponic LTL Controllers is an easy lighting controller that can be used in your grow systems. The lighting systems are alerted when to emit light and the plants are sure to get ample amount of lighting as and when required. The lighting controller offered by the Hydroponic LTL Controllers is LTL Master 4. It is an HID lighting Hydroponic Ballast relay controller that has the capacity to run four 1000 watts ballasts with a power of 120v 0r 240v.

2. Temperature – The temperature inside the hydroponic grow systems should be controlled and maintained for providing a healthy growing environment for the plants. There are water resistant temperature controllers available that have a built-in photocell that provides for setting the controllers for the day time as well as the night time. Another feature of the Temperature Hydroponic LTL Controllers is they can be used for controlling heating and cooling devices. In this way the right temperature can be maintained inside the hydroponic grow system. The LTL Temperature Day/Night Temperature Controller is a hydroponics plant greenhouse controllers provided by the Hydroponic LTL Controllers.

3. Humidity – For controlling and maintaining the humidity inside the hydroponic grow systems the Hydroponic LTL Controllers offers humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The humidity controls works on the principle of a built in photocell that provides for day and night control of the humidity levels inside the hydroponic grow systems. These humidity controllers are water resistant and help to increase or decrease the humidity levels within the growing area. Maintaining a balance in the humidity levels enhances the quality growth of the plants. The LTL Temperature – Day or Night Humidity Controller is a product offered by the Hydroponic LTL Controllers.
4. Fans – Fans helps to maintain and balance the atmosphere within the grow systems. Every hydroponic grow box has an exhaust fan for blowing out the excess air and there is a circulation fan which provides maximum air circulation within. A cool atmosphere should be maintained within the grow systems for the plants to grow normal and healthy. For this purpose, the Hydroponic LTL Controllers provides a LTL Speed Day/Night Fan Controller. This device is water resistant and has a built in temperature gauge and photocell. The speed levels of the fan is controlled and adjusted by this fan controller and you can make sure, the temperature inside the grow systems always remain cool.

5. CO2 Air – The CO2 Air Hydroponic LTL Controllers can be set to be activated at daytime, nighttime or even 24 hours a day for controlling the levels of CO2 within the area of plant growth. The CO2 production is automatically disabled when the exhaust fan is in the running mode. These controllers have a light sensor as well as a CO2 sensor. There are daytime only CO2 controllers which can be set to automatically deactivate the CO2 at night with the help of a built-in photocell. There are LTL Hydroponic Grow Plant Advanced CO2 Air Controllers and LTL CO2 Hydroponic Daytime CO2 Device Controllers available.

6. Recycling Timers – Recycling Timers are used for alerting the user that it is time for recycling. The recycling timers provided by the Hydroponic LTL Controllers are LTL Stage 1 – Day/Night Recycle Timer, LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer and LTL Stage 3 – Recycling and Lighting Timer. The time for recycling can be set in this recycling timer devices and the user can start the recycling process instantly.

Nowadays the Hydroponic LTL Controllers can be operated through the computer too. There are programs you can install in your computer and start managing and tracking settings of your hydroponic system. There are mobile applications too and you can have a total control of your hydroponic system wherever you go.