Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Supplies

The hydroponics system works with not only the hydroponic grow systems but also a number of Hydroponic Supplies. The combined working of all these components will result in a healthier, stronger and quality produce. There are many Hydroponic Supplies available in the market.

Listed below are some of the Hydroponic Supplies

1. Nutrients Kit – The nutrients which form the nutrient solution when added to the reservoir are supplied in the Hydroponic Supplies. Nutrients provide nourishment to the plants and there are different nutrient levels and growth enhancers available. There are also organic nutrients and organic enhancers provided for the healthy growth of the plants.

2. Grow Trays – Grow tray is a Hydroponic Supply where the pots and the roots masses are held. It is designed in such a way that the water, nutrients and air is transport to the grow tray from the reservoir with ease. The excess amount of water, nutrients and air cleared through a disposal system, thereby keeping the environment clean.

3. Grow Mediums – Grow Mediums are where the roots of the plants are deposited. The best grow medium is the one which can hold and retain the moisture, oxygen and nutrients. The commonly used grow mediums are the Rock wool and Grow Rocks. Some other grow mediums are sand, gravel, coco fiber, perlite, vermiculite, oasis cubes, river rocks and many more. There grow mediums offered by the Hydroponic Supplies are generally soil-less.

4. Plumbing and Fittings – To set up the whole hydroponic grow system there requires a number of fittings and connectors. There are also tubes for transportation of any medium. Black tubings are preferable as they can withstand the frequent contacts of a number of chemical and also have a durable life. Hose clamps are used for fixing these plumbing and fitting equipments.

5. Pumps – There are mainly two pumps required in a hydroponic grow system. They are the Air pump and the Water pump. Air pumps are used for the transportation of oxygenated and deoxygenated air and the water pumps are used for the transportation of water. The water pump also pumps the nutrient solution to the grow chamber.

6. Exhaust and Circulation Fans – Every hydroponic grow system needs one Exhaust Fan and one or more Circulation Fans. These helps in providing maximum air movement and maintains a cool atmosphere inside the grow box.

7. Air Filters – There are carbon air filters provided in the Hydroponic Supplies category. They are used to filter the air and prevent the odor from leaking. It makes sure that the odor is retained inside the hydroponic grow system without disturbing the external environment.

8. Water filters – Clean and fresh water should be provided to the plants frequently. The water filters are used for purifying the used water. There are also water heaters and water chillers in the Hydroponic Supplies which controls the temperature levels of the water.

9. Reflective materials – Using Reflective material enhancing the light distribution and light penetration. 95% Mylar reflective material is commonly used that gives high reflectivity. It makes sure that the light produced is not wasted and is put to optimum use again.

10. Net Pots – You can buy the Net Pots depending upon the number of plants you want to grow inside your hydroponic grow box. Net Pots are used to place the plants inside them so that they grow very well. Other pots and containers are also used for this purpose. There are grow bags available if you want to grow each plant separately. These grow bags are made from high quality non-woven fabric which allows for easier breathing.

11. Pest controls – Attacks from pests are a common problem whether you grow indoors or outdoors. There are number of pest control solutions available. Effective pesticides, fungicides, miticides, germicides, cleaners and other pest control solutions are provided in the Hydroponic Supplies category.

12. Hydroponic Controllers – There are number of Hydroponic Controllers available for controlling the working of the hydroponic grow boxes. There are timers, thermometers and other controllers available. The temperature levels too inside the grow systems can be controlled.

13. Cleaning supplies – Hydroponic Supplies also supplies many cleaning products that makes the hydroponic grow systems and the surrounding neat and clean.

14. Hydroponics Guidelines – Also there are books on the instructions to follows during the conduct on the hydroponic grow system available. Not only step by step instructions but also certain guidelines, tips and suggestions are included in the books.

All these Hydroponic Supplies are available online at the garden supply stores.

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