Supercloset Grow Cabinet

Growing weeds has never been easier than with the help of hydroponic systems. Studies have shown that plants grow at a faster rate when compared to the traditional mode of growing with the soil as the medium of growth. but with LED Lights for plants and a system Like the Grandma’s Secret Garden, the yield and growth , both are notably higher. The studies have shown that the roots respond better to nutrients in water form. Growing of weed has become simple with the hydroponic system as the effort taken for growing a batch has decreased by leaps and bound. Hydroponic system with the right grow cabinet or tent can ensure the speed and the volume of the yield.

Grow Box – Hydroponics

The prime importance of using a hydroponic system for growing marijuana is its stealth aspect which can be effortlessly done by the usage of the carbon filters in the growing cabinet which blocks out all the unpleasant odors. The Hydroponic grow systems can be easily fixed in the users’ living space with minimal effort which makes it safe and can have our attention all the time.

Key points which should be kept in mind while growing marijuana in a hydroponic system:

There are many factors which have to noted to give your yield the quality that the users desire. Some of the important factors for the efficient growth are:

Lighting: Lighting is an important aspect for the right growth of the plants. Plants in their process of photosynthesis process up to 5000 foot-candles of intensity for the right flow of energy into the system. The lighting aspect is a tricky aspect as the light is often accompanied by heat which can prove to be harmful for the life of the plants. The Hydroponic Grow Kit can be adjusted for the lights that are fixed inside the growth chamber. Light also has infrared rays which is crucial for the growth of the plants as plants need a certain amount of heat to function properly and easily freeze to death if that required amount is not met.

Nutrients to oxygen ratio: Oxygen has a very important function in the maintaining of the life of the plants as it helps in keeping the plant’s root healthy and also facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the system. Oxygen stands as the key factor for the growth of the plants. Therefore the nutrients to oxygen ratio are very important as the nutrients should be clubbed with oxygen so that it gets absorbed by the plants fast.

Nutrient strength: Now the selection of nutrients is very crucial. It is always suggested that the user use a 2 part A&B style nutrient where possible. Nutrients which are compatible for the hydroponic system can only be used for the growing of the plants. Soil fertilizers cannot be used as the there is a chance that it will kill the plants which is grown in the hydroponic system. This has to be taken seriously while dealing with nutrients needed for the plants.

Nutrient pH: This is a crucial thing to keep in mind while resorting to hydroponic cultivation of marijuana. The nutrients pH should be measured as most of the efficient nutrient pH reading falls in the ranges of 6 to 6.5 pH. All plants grow efficiently in this range of pH reading.

Temperature and air circulation: Temperature plays a huge role as the absorption of phosphorus decline at temperatures below 15 degree Celsius and it is suggested that the nutrients be heated to increase the amount of absorption of nutrients into the plants.

These are the most crucial and important aspects of hydroponic cultivation that a user should keep in mind while growing marijuana or any other species of plants. Hydroponic systems have revolutionized the sector of indoor cultivation with its advanced application and its potential to mimic any climate suitable for the ideal growth of the plants.