Supercloset Hydroponics Grow Closet

Closet hydroponics system simply is setting up a hydroponics system inside a closet or a structure similar to a closet. This closet hydroponics system is handy for those, who live in apartments, where there is hardly any space for any kind of gardening. With the closet hydroponics system they are able to grow vegetables at home. This closet may be made of steel, turning a non using closet room into a growing space or getting a grow tent and implement the hydroponics system in it. Even simple, get a make shift wardrobe and place the hydroponics unit in it and provide the necessary lighting and aeration systems, you have the closet hydroponics system ready right inside your bedroom. Products from Supercloset Inc. such as supercloset deluxe grow box or any other super grow rooms come at budget fit price and deliver quality that surpasses traditional growing methods.

Types of closet hydroponics systems – Hydroponic room

There are two types of supercloset super box hydroponics system, one made of steel cabinets, just like the steel lockers and the other option is grow tents. Both the types are available in many sizes and by different brands to choose from. Choose the size that better suits your area.

Closet hydroponics systems made of steel comes fully assembled with all the necessary light and ventilation systems. The provided light will be suitable for the grow space inside so there is no guess work about the lighting.

The grow tents also come as a complete package or can avail the grow tents and the hydroponics unit separately which are easy to assemble. Grow tents are better suitable for larger spaces than a small or limited space accessibility.

Advantages of Closet hydroponics system

  • Saves space and even the smallest apartment or room can accommodate a closet hydroponics system.
  • Supercloset grow room can be placed right in front of everyone an can still keep the privacy, especially in case of the ready made grow cabinets that are available in many sizes.
  • Closet hydroponics systems are the easiest way to set up a controlled grows environment and the grower has all the control from watering to the lighting. This control helps make changes to make the highest yield eventually.
  • The closet hydroponics system is better than an open room indoor gardening as the heat from the lights will be cooled off by the ventilation system and keeps the outside cooler.
  • Closet hydroponics system is a compact grow space but can provide better yield than the plants that grow in the same space in a traditional garden.

Disadvantages of closet hydroponics system


  • The disadvantages of hydro grow locker¬†are that all the supporting equipment’s should be highly efficient. The lighting should be of high quality and must have cooling system, reflectors, and ballast to provide better intensity light.
  • Power supply is a neglected factor. The closet hydroponics system works on many electrical equipment’s and the power failure makes the whole system fail. There has to be a backup power to save the system and the growing plants in a closet hydroponics system.
  • A CO2 generator in the hydroponic grow chamber will be helpful as the heat inside will make the plants deplete the available CO2 inside and the CO2 level will be reduced drastically.