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Hydroponics Grow System

Hydroponics Grow System

Hydroponics Grow System is cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices indoor with water and nutrients, but without soil. Hydroponics system utilizes grow box, grow cabinets, grow tent or grow rooms for Indoor plantation. It has many advantages over soil based growing.Advantages of Hydroponics Grow System

  • As soil is not used in growing plants your indoor space remains clean and dirt free. Urban homes prefer this soilless grow system for growing plants.
  • The water used in the Hydroponics Grow System stays in and is also reusable. Thus, you are both saving and controlling water.
  • Nutrient solution is must for working of any Hydroponics Grow System. As it is supplied manually you have full control on nutrient solution.
  • Creating artificial grow environment is completely under your control. So you provide your plants will all conditions for optimal growth which naturally increases your yields.
  • Plant cultivation in partially or fully enclosed growing units that uses hydroponics grow system keeps pests and bugs away. Hence, your plants are at very less risk to diseases and harm.
  • The pesticides are not used in hydroponics grow system and so you avoid causing any harm to your plants due to pesticides.
  • These growing units produce fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables all year round. Hydroponics grow system creates an ideal grow environment within the unit that is actually not affected by whatsoever weather condition outside.
  • Hydroponics Grow System allows faster and larger plant production as nutrient solution is directly supplied to plant rooting system.

Types of Hydroponics Grow System

Hydroponics method of plant growth is practiced across the world. Hydroponics grow system is of mainly six types – Aeroponic, N.F.T, Drip, Water Culture, Ebb and Flow and Wick.

  • Aeroponic Grow System is one of the most technologically advanced growing systems. Here the growing media is basically air and the roots hang in the air. The plant roots are misted with nutrient solution in every few minutes for few seconds. This is done using a pump that has a self-controlled timer.
  • In N.F.T. or Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics grow Systems the plant roots have a constant flow of nutrient solution. The plant rests into the grow tray and its root tips receive continuous flow of nutrient solution from the reservoir. This reusable nutrient solution drains into the reservoir. The plants roots dangle into the nutrient solution with air as grow medium.
  • In Drip Hydroponics grow System nutrient solution the released onto the base of each plant with a drip lines. This process is automated with a timer controlled by submersed pump. In recovery drip system the excess nutrient solution is collected back into the reservoir for reuse and in non recovery drip, it is not collected.
  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics growing System holds the plants on a Styrofoam platform that floats on the nutrient solution. An air pump supplies air to the air stone that bubbles the nutrient solution and further supply oxygen to the plant roots.
  • Ebb and flow Grow System works by temporarily flooding the grow tray with nutrient solution. It stays there for some time and then drains back to the reservoir. The timer controls submersed pump. When timer is turned on the nutrient solution is released to the tray and turn off, the nutrient solution reaches back to the reservoir. Plants are placed into a grow tray that is either completely filled with growing medium or growing medium lies in individual pots.
  • Wick Grow System is the simplest hydroponic systems in which nutrient solution is released into the grow tray that is filled with growing medium through a wick. Perlite, Vermiculite, Pro-Mix and Coconut Fiber are among the most popular grow medium used in Wick system.

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