Hydroponic Supplies for Beginners

Hydroponics growing kits help to grow plants in a mineral nutrient solution in water, not soil. The roots of the plants lie in the solution. It was discovered long ago that plants do not actually need soil to grow. What they do need are the minerals present in the soil. If the minerals can be given to the plant roots through some other medium, say water, they no longer require the soil. In hydroponics system, the minerals are provided artificially through the nutrient solution and almost any land-plant can be grown using this technique.

Some methods of hydroponics

Nutrients are moved from a reservoir into the tray or container with the plant using a pump. These pumps are set at low points so that the container does not overflow with the solution. It can also be used to drain up the liquid from which the nutrients are used up. There is also dissolved oxygen in the solution, preventing stagnation.

When the pump is off, the nutrients flow back through the pump into the reservoir and filters will prevent any sediment from entering the pump.

Another method is to use micro tubes through which the solution is pumped from a tank to each alley containing the growing plants. Capillary action of the roots will absorb the nutrients from the solution and when the solution flows through the set up, reaching the end of the system; it is collected and brought back to the reservoir. It is then re-circulated. This ensures that there is a full day supply off nutrients for the plants.

Why use this system?

It is useful in places with climates that do not favor conventional farming. It is also useful if the region is arid and the soil lacks necessary conditions for growth of plants. The other major factor affecting the promotion of hydroponics is a severe lack of usable land, especially in urban areas.

Hydroponics growing kits

The hydroponics growing kits contain everything you will need to get started with this type of culture. They have containers and separations to contain the plants, tubes to carry the mineral nutrient solution, the solution mixes, the pumps to carry water, sometimes artificial lightings, etc. you can buy the components of the kits separately or the kits as a whole package.