Kind K3 Series LED Grow Lights

Hydroponics lights help in growing plants without having to rely on sunlight and helps in completing an indoor gardening system. Most plants need at least 8 to 12 hours of light per day and, it is true that some plants can only thrive under natural sunlight. Excepting of these from indoor gardening, most of the plants will grow extremely well, and sometimes even better, than when grown outside.

Hydroponics Lights Frequently Asked Questions

What do hydroponics lights do?

The hydroponics system will help in producing a lot of harvest as high amounts of nutrients are provided to the plants via a solution and they are not exposed to many harmful effects from pests. Grow lights are a major necessity for the hydroponics system and they are usually electric lights which stimulate growth of the plants by giving out an electromagnetic spectrum which aids in photosynthesis.

When are hydroponics lights used?

These are used either in areas where there is very little sunlight available or if the person is going for indoor gardening. In winter, daylight will be scarce and there won’t be sufficient plant growth. In such cases, the grow lights can substitute for natural light and help in the normal growth. It can also extend the amount of time in which a plant receives light.

What are the main functions of hydroponics lights?

These lights either mimic the light spectrum provided by the sun or they give out a spectrum that has been designed for the special needs of the plant. Changing color of the light outside, the temperature and also spectral outputs are provided by these lights. Intensity of the output from these lights are also varied depending on the type of the plant or the cycle the plant is going through. Some plants prefer a certain spectrum, color temperature, etc.

It has to be noted that the light intensity tends to fade with distance from the source and thus in indoor hydroponics, reflectors are used along the walls of the closet so that it is preserved.

Supercloset provides grow lights that can be used in the indoor systems. TheLED lights for plants  can be used to preserve energy and to provide good intensity of light. The LED lights from Supercloset run quietly, coolly and are very efficient, producing amazing yield. The HPS dimmable Lumatek lights are also good, with air cooling to prevent over heating and they come in tube forms to preserve space. These can be adjusted according to the specifications of the plant grown.