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Complete Hydroponic Kit

Buy everything that you need to kickstart your hydroponic grow system with this complete Hydroponic kit.

Basically hydroponics plant cultivation is growing plants using water and nutrients but without soil. It requires various small and big components to help your hydroponics system work perfectly. This is possible only with hydroponics supplies. Small or big supplies matter a lot when growing without soil. These hydroponics supplies help insure your system operates safely and at peak performance. Read more to know about brief introduction to various hydroponics supplies.

Grow lights are most important hydroponics supplies needed for plant growth success. These artificial lights replicate sunlight and support plants in photosynthesis process. There are various types of grow lights available in the market. You can find fluorescent, Incandescent, HPS, HID, MH and advanced LED technology. Select the best which is most appropriate grow lights for your plants. All these varieties of grow lights have their own merits and demerits so do proper homework before buying them.

Growing Medium

There are certain hydroponics systems that can be operated with or without growing medium. However, this hydroponics supplies is suggested because it supports plant rooting system. It helps plant roots with the perfect base to stand for their entire plant life cycle. It is an inert material that itself does not contain any nutrients but just supports plant roots. There exist varied kinds of growing medium such as gravel, perlite, rockwool, mapito just to name a few. Selecting grow media entirely depends on type of your plant and hydroponics system which you are using. It is important to understand the features of growing medium that you plan to buy.


To make you hydro growing automated there are various hydroponics supplies you can use, Controllers are one of them. They are helpful in making your gardening work easier than ever. These Controllers are capable to control various factors affecting plant grow environment, including, humidity, temperature, CO2, and fans. It offers your indoor garden perfect grow environment even in your absence. Many companies are offering best quality controllers. Select one that has multi tasking ability which can control CO2 levels and fans both.


Nutrients are food for your plants in hydroponics. This essential hydroponics supplies is responsible to help thrive your plants in restricted area irrespective of weather conditions outside. The correct amount of NPK packed nutrients are to be supplied to plants. In hydroponics, you mix these nutrients with water and this nutrient solution is supplied for plant growth. You should buy a nutrient pack that is appropriate depending on plants growing needs. Small plants have different food desire than large plants.

dealzerGrow Lights

Reservoirs, Grow Trays And Lids

These hydroponics supplies forms a vital part for any hydroponics system. Reservoirs are used to store and supply nutrient rich water solution to plants. Grow trays are helpful in housing grow medium in which plants finds a comfortable home. Reservoir lids are used to cover the top of the reservoir that prevents nutrient rich water solution from contaminations. From the various brands available of these supplies. select the one that offers durability and sturdiness for healthy plant growth.

Air Pumps And Water Pumps

Aeration equipments are important for keeping fresh air moving in and out of the box. Air Pumps, dividers, air stones, tubes and hose are common airing hydroponics supplies. Water pumps are submersible pumps that are positioned in reservoirs that supplies nutrient solution to plants. Opt for pumps that are durable and work well throughout so that your growing cycle is not interrupted.

Other Hydroponics Supplies Are:

  • Timers
  • Reservoir heaters
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Pots
  • Net trellis
  • Reflectors and ballasts
  • Carbon filters and water filters
  • And many more small accessories forms part of hydroponics supplies

To make your indoor gardening experience simple and more productive, hydroponics supplies are essential. Combined efforts of each and every components and hydroponics system offer you maximum possible yields.

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