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Inda-Grow Pro 400 Series of Grow Lights

The Inda-grow Pro 400 series is part of the many induction grow lights. The induction grow lights are no electrode fluorescent discharge lights that produces light from the electromagnetic field created inside than the electricity. Only very less electricity is used in these lights and is needed only for the initial excitement of the mercury. Being in the market for a very long time, these electrode-less fluorescent discharge lamps are now gaining popularity and is replacing many HID grow lights to light up the indoor grow spaces.

How the Inda-Grow Pro 400 Series grow lights work

Inductor or the metal coils around the electromagnetic transformers produce magnetic field when electricity is passed on to it from electronic ballast. This magnetic field excites the mercury atoms inside. The excited mercury will emit UV light that becomes visible light when it falls on the phosphor coating on the wall of the fluorescent tube. The visible light thus produced is a full spectrum that also has the UV rays that remains unchanged. The glass walls also prevent the emission of the UV light. Here the Pro 400 series grow light is an external conductor lamp where the inductor is not inside the tube but only attached to a part of the tube.

Advantages of the Inda-grow Pro 400 Series grow lights

  • There are no electrodes that lessen the life of the grow light and this results in longer life span. The Inda-grow pro 400 series grow lights comes with a 10 year warranty and can run for 60,000 hours with 14 hrs a day usage.
  • A single light can be used for vegetative and flowering stages.
  • The Inda-grow pro 400 series grow light do not need any ducting and can be placed as close to the plants as required.
  • There is very less heat production and so reduces the cost for an air cooling system but works equal to a 750 watt HPS or a 1000 watt metal halide grow light.
  • The growing plants suffer lesser diseases that are related to the temperature from the lamps.
    Only a very small amount of solid mercury is used inside the lamps.
  • The visible light produced by the Inda-grow Pro 400 series grow lights have highest PAR efficiency and is more than that from an LED grow light. The emitted light has highest penetration capacity also.
  • The lumens produced per watt are highest among all the grow lights, including the LED lights.
    The fluorescent tube has 12 phosphor coating that emits all the colors for the photosynthetic activities in the plant.
  • The electrical load savings of Pro 400 series is almost 70%.
  • The Inda-grow Pro 400 series is suitable for use in 120V current. The 240V lights are also available on demand.
  • The Inda-grow Pro 400 series is now Pro 420 and works on 420 watts. It can cover an area of 12 sq ft – 20 sq ft area. The reflector system provides 98% reflectivity and provides more light not just for the canopy but all over the grow space.
  • The dimensions are 17 cm high, 37 cm wide and 104 cm long with a weight of only 15 lbs.
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