Indoor Grow Lights

Indoor grow light systems

The right kind of indoor grow light systems can really make or break your hydroponics system. The grow light and its spectrum can really trigger your plants to grow bigger and higher apart from of course the few good words you put in that can “actually” work apart from the tools. So let’s see some of the things that you need to note before you buy your grow lights.

Kinds of grow lights:

What makes the spectrum in the grow lights relate to your plants is these spectrum is found in sunlight in a natural basis which helps the plants to undergo correct photosynthesis. Let’s see how.

  • Blue lights – often termed as cool light, it will give you bushy plant growth.
  • Red lights – best for blooming stage
  • Orange/reddish lights – these grow lights give away substantial heat
  • Full spectrum lights – that gives you varying colors which will grow best yields.

Types of grow lights:

Incandescent lights:

One of the cheapest indoor grow light system, you will get this for less than $40. These grow lights must be taken good care of as they can get hot within a short time. If you are starting in a small manner, then go with these incandescent grow lights. They can be put to good use for small group of plants. An average lifespan is less than 1000 hours.

Fluorescent grow lights:

Many indoor gardeners prefer this grow light as they are not only energy efficient to a satisfactory limit but are also easy to fix it. These lights last for almost 20,000 hours and deliver blue color at the spectrum. The blue light can give you bushy plants and a short growth which makes it easy for seedlings and easy germination.

The full spectrum Fluorescent lights are also the latest in the market which promises you complete spectrum that will help your plants for efficient blooming. They are called T5 lights that guarantees energy savings and a lasting life. How T5 gorw lights work is they give you 3 times more lumens without increasing your energy bills. They are high output bulbs that will motivate the plants to absorb the much needed spectrum.

HID grow lights:

HID grow lights are high intensity discharge lamps that often comes with combo of MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps. They give a nudge for plants during their different stages of growth. For instance, while MH lamps gives out blue/green spectrum that are good for leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach etc. and best for plants in vegetation stage, HPS bulbs as your indoor grow light system dish out a yellow/organe/red spectrum that is apt for plants in fruiting or flowering stage. They are also very efficient when it comes to savings and last good life before needing replacement.

LED grow lights:

Currently one of the best in the market, LED grow lights is the best when it comes to indoor grow light system. The price often puts a person into a thinking mode whether to invest or not but when it comes to the results they deliver, trust me its worth a try. However, I do not recommend it for people who are starting out with a small grow system as it might cost you more than you spend on your grow room. Many people use LED plant lights as a supporting system along with other main grow lights.

There are many grow lights in the market that gives you full spectrum. While some grow lights claim to be full they give away 2-3 spectrum only which is just needed to help with the main requirements of the lights. One of the top brands such as Kind led grow lights provide a 12 band full spectrum that gives your plants more than what is needed thus delivering optimum harvest. I need not talk about the efficiency of the led lights as it will speak volumes itself.

If you are growing big or planning to make a switch from your current grow lights to LED, then look no further. LED grow lights are best recommended for you. They consume only less watts of energy but deliver best spectrum that will get you awesome yields in the years to come.


Now that you know how indoor grow light systems work, choose the one that suits you the best. There are many websites such as htgsupply, dealzer etc. who give you best grow lights at an affordable price. Go with the one that makes you and your plants happy.

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