Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

Are you looking for indoor grow room equipment? Then, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you run on to buy a grow room.There are a number of indoor grow rooms which use the hydroponics system for growing plants.

The rise in hydroponics has triggered many to move towards indoor growing. While some prefer a ready to use equipment, some want to build a DIY grow room. When you are building your own grow room, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Grow room:

The grow room is an inevitable aspect when it comes to your growing indoors. Grow room is basically a tent which gives you the same benefits just like grow cabinet. Just ensure that the tent you are buying has a good denier i.e. fabric thickness which will not only keep your grow room safe from rodents but also retains the lighting inside. Many low quality product will leak lightness which is really a bad thing as it can really affect your plant’s growth. Another thing to note is the fact that many grow room/tent come with quality zippers that lock the tent securely and do not emit any toxic gases which will be harmful for the plants. Look for good quality grow tent without compromising.

Grow lights:

The grow lights are an important part of indoor growing especially when it comes to getting healthy yields inside a grow room. Currently there are many choices available for you such high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs that combines MH and HPS bulbs, T5 fluorescent bulbs, LED grow lights etc. Choose the one that best fit on your budget and give you a good deal on the life efficiency. If you are a beginner and want to start out small, then I suggest you go with the HID bulbs as quality LED grow lights are quite costly and can cost almost the same as your grow room.

The perfect grow light can make an excellent indoor grow room equipment to deliver some of the best yields in the years to come. It not only creates the perfect ambience for your plants but also gives you a good feel altogether.

Hydroponics system:

Hydroponics system is one of the crucial factor when it comes to growing plants as your entire set up depends on this. If you are buying a quality hydroponic system, its well and good. If you are building your own hydroponic system, that works too. But only make sure that the necessary equipments such as air/water pump, reservoir are connected properly to prevent any mishap and the plastic cup holders are made out of food graded plastic and do not poison your plants. This may seem silly but believe me in the long term it can have really drastic side effects.

Other vital features:

Other vital features in your list of indoor grow room equipment includes circulation fan, carbon filter to eliminate odor, CO2 system to boost plant yields, air/water pump, reservoir etc. and many more are quite important and should not be negated under any circumstances. The circulation fan is important as it works on your plants by replicating the breeze and also builts your stems to make them strong and resistant. An automated timer will save you from unwanted troubles by doing its job of feeding the plants at specified period. This includes watering the plants, turning on/off the grow lights etc. without shooting up your energy bills. It will work even if you go away for the weekend as you have your own robotic gardener to feed your plants. Just make sure the reservoir is filled with water so that your plants do not go thirsty.

The nutrients give an added effect to your plants as they will provide your plants with much needed minerals such as phosphorus, potasssium, magnesium etc. and many more. They come in easy soluble manner which makes it easy to ingest in the water. Many quality brands such as Advanced Nutrients, Humboldt Nutrients, Desi Hydo etc. are one of them who really deliver organic and honest products which will give you definite yields.

Last words:

Since the whole set up of your indoor grow room runs on electricity, it is vital that you take necessary steps to keep your plants and your home safe. Make sure you include ballasts, shockbusters for your grow lights and other indoor grow room equipments which can safeguard your grow room at all times.