Supercloset Grow Cabinet

SuperCloset provides several ready to use grow cabinets that are perfect for an indoor grow room setup. The SuperPonics system is the most popular system which is included in most of the cabinets from this brand. All the indoor setups assure the easiest, fastest and safest grows over other methods. It is in fact the fusion of many proven hydroponics systems, which provides an unfailing promise of yield in quality and quantity.

Some of the most important components of SuperCloset that makes it the nest indoor setup.

  • Not only is the indoor system from SuperCloset easier, it provides 2 to 5 times more yield than through other methods.
  • The air pump and water pump provided will make sure that the plants will survive under any condition.
  • Closed loop air cooled lighting is provided which gives the plants a stable and temperate environment because the air passes over the lights and not the whole closet. This method is more effective and helps to include CO2 systems for better growth of the plants.
  • The award winning Dimmable Lumatek lights are used in SuperCloset which can give 50%, 75%,100% ans 110% SuperLumens settings. This feature can be utilized to reduce electricity consumption and at the same time improve yields.
  • The indoor system has completely sealed glass reflector hoods that can reflect light and lumen to maximize the effect. The reflectors are of the right size and use thick tempered glass which can improve the lumen output while also maintaining the heat at a minimum. The distance from the plants to the lights is reduced, increasing the density of the plants.
  • The cooler lights and stable environments will improve the quality of the fruits or flowers.
  • The SuperCool reflectors have professional grade yo-yo pulleys which can be used to raise or lower the lights fast and easy.

The other components involved in making the indoor room setup complete are the carbon filters from Phresh, trellis system, ActiveAir internal circulation fans, timer for automation, safety GFCI and electric hookups, TDS nutrient meter, nutrients and the pH kit. The SuperCloset utilizes these components to keep the air clean of molds and the plants from bugs, to automate the water circulation and draining in the setup, to check the components of the solution and its pH. The mineral nutrient solution provides for the growing medium and the TechnoFlora recipe is the best available for a good harvest.