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Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp for plant growth

Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp

If you are looking for grow lights, then Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp is best recommended for healthy plant growth. HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs can give a great lumens to the plants. Mainly used during flowering stages of growth, Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp can really deliver promising yields all year long.

Let me guess. You have fumbled around many grow lamps not only in retail stores but also online. There are hundreds shouting on rooftops that they are the best which can confuse you but at the end of the day its upto you to round in on a product. So why not Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp for plant growth?

If you are looking for a good quality Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp that can promote healthy plant growth, then look nowhere. I am sure you have done your part of research on how indoor gardening works. You know that horticulturists’ favorite are nothing but HPS and MH grow lamps that give them maximum yields. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or are experienced in the filed of indoor growing, if you want large harvests at the end of every cycle, trust me Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp is best recommended for plant growth.

The HPS grow bulb gives out a red/orange spectrum that would give you a good amount of vertical growth. HPS grow bulbs are quite efficient and require less replacement (12 to 18 months) when compared to other grow lamps. Simply connect with a ballast and you are ready to grow. The best part of Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp for plant growth is they are compatible with both electronic and magnetic ballasts so in case you have purchased a magnetic ballast you need not worry about switching them and putting up additional cost on getting an electronic ballast.

You can also get additional reflectors if you desire, but I don’t think its necessary with the wide color spectrum that is provided by the Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp for plant growth. This is because the lumens is quite bright and spreads equally to all corner areas of plants. However, if you feel that the lumens is not enough and you are getting hot spots you can always adjust the HPS grow lamps or go for a small reflector. But in case of small or medium sized grow tents this is quite unnecessary.

Interlux claims that their HPS grow bulbs deliver around 145,000 lumens in their lifespan. Well, that’s quite impressive. When you are buying Interlux 1000 watt HPS lamp for plant growth you will be getting a warranty of one year in case you need replacement.

For those who are hesitant to buy online, you can check their retail store of DL Wholesale where the Interlux 1000 watt hps lamp for plant growth are readily available. This will give you an extra assurance of how the product will work for you.

Reviews of this product have been quite contradictory. While some claim that the product is really good and has been working excellent, other group says that it is an absolute hoax and doesn’t stand up to the expectations. They say the promised life of grow bulbs is short lived.

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