Iponic Grow Room Controller

iPonic 600 Environmental Controller For Grow room & Greenhouse

iPonic 600 Environmental Controller

In hydroponics systems, controller plays an important role. It supports you in performing your duty when you are away. iPonic 600 Environmental Controller is one such efficient product developed by Link4. Link4’s years of efforts, experience and research helped develop iPonic 600 Environmental Controller that will entirely change your indoor growing method.

iPonic 600 Environmental Controller allows you to take complete control of your grow room which you might have never experienced before. Using this fully programmable, intelligent controller you can operate every aspect of your grow room.

Features of iPonic 600 Environmental Controller

  • iPonic 600 Environmental Controller is ideal for use and offers complete environment control. Moreover it also features optimal settings saving, remote monitoring and controlling and easy to use touch screen. Details of the many other features are as under:
  • It is called all-in-one Grow Room Controller as it gives you ability to control every aspect of your grow room using one intelligent and fully programmable controller. It is the only control you will find that is designed to control every environment related devices such as CO2, Light Timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans and many more.
  • This flexible device features software based intelligence. This means you can program all functions together using this one device and eliminating need of multiple controllers for several functions. You get the capability to change the device setting instantly and/or add or delete devices to match your requirement in just few minutes.
  • It includes 8 (120volt each) outlets of which 6 are fully programmable for you to combine devices. It can also be used to control central a/c or heaters or any device that has a remote thermostat connection.
  • The large backlit touch screen display shows you the current status of all devices and their settings. The simple and easy touch control buttons makes checking and changing settings simpler.
  • It allows you to control each device either individually with manual settings or fully automatically with all devices working together. It allows you to run custom growth cycles with programmed settings for every device on a weekly basis. You can save and even share these programs with other growers for optimal benefit.
  • The remote communications and control feature allows you to monitor and control Environmental Controller by a smart phone, PC or other Internet capable device from anywhere anytime. To enable this feature you will have to install iPonic communication module along with iPonic 600 Environmental Controller
  • iPonic 600 Environmental Controller is designed to control devices such as CO2, Light Timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans etc. High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating and Custom devices can also be included.
  • It consists of 8 fixed physical outlets, 6 programmable outlets, 1 cloud accessible and 78 compatible sensors.

This intelligent controller works as the brain of your growing system. It monitors and interacts with your grow room. It adjusts interior conditions to create the perfect grow environment for your plants. iPonic 600 Environmental Controller is relatively self-sufficient control that offers you with more spare time and peace of mind. All your worries of controlling heating, cooling, venting, shading, humidity, CO2, and lighting are linked together to operate by this one flexible and easy-to-use system.

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