iPonic 600 Environmental Controller

iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller is a product belonging to a company named Link4. This USA based company is constantly working for the past 40 years to develop products related to hydroponic and greenhouse growing industry. After putting years of experience and efforts, the iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller is the end product that will revolutionize the greenhouse controlling device industry.

iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller is all-In-One Grow Room Controller that is all set to change the way you grow your plants indoors. Start growing in grow box, grow tent, or greenhouse using this intelligent and fully programmable grow room controller.

Features of iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller

iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller gives you the ability to control light, recycle timers, vent fans, air conditioning, heating or even custom devices. Additionally, the software based intelligence allows for changes just in a flash and remote monitoring and adjustment from anywhere in the world. All these features ultimately gather for maximized yields. The details of some of its other features are:

This incredible, intelligent and all-in-one grow room controller eliminates the need of using multiple controllers. iPonic 600 does all your work. You can either add or delete devices that you require or not require currently.

It comes with (8) 120v outlets and a large touch screen display illuminated behind the device, shows you the current status and settings of all connected devices.

This extremely user friendly system allows you to easily check and/or change any settings you want immediately.

It is flexible to offer you controlling of either one device individually or multiple devices at the same time.

It is supportive to run custom growth cycles using the programmed settings for every device on a day by day or weekly basis. It offers you the ability to save these programs for future use or can share them with other growers.

Using the iPonic communication module connected to iPonic 600 Controller you can enjoy security and convenience of remote monitoring, controlling and adjusting. Make precise adjustment using computer or smart phone from anywhere anytime.

Every device in your grow room requires different time settings. Now it is possible using the digital recycle timer that allows you to set separate schedules for all of your grow room devices from one place.

It comes with industry leading support with complete onsite training, 24/7 phone and training service. In case of help use your phone or computer and you get assistance right away.

This advanced, commercial-grade controllers have been designed to support both new and experienced growers. You can achieve the largest crop yields for your investments.

It comes in two types to match your needs. One is to control one grow room and other is able to control two grow rooms at a time.

It is designed to control the following devices:

  • Co2
  • Light Timer
  • Humidity
  • Recycle Timers
  • Vent Fans
  • High Temperature Shutoff (In case of overheating emergencies)
  • Central Air Conditioning or Heating
  • All Custom Devices of Your Choosing

Types of iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller

The iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller changes as your grow room changes. This means that all your grow rooms are not same. Hence there are two types of iPonic 600 Grow Room Controller (iPonic 614 and 624) for you to choose that fits your needs. Both are designed with commercial grade components, exceptional quality, reliability and high performance. The iPonic 614 Control is for 1 grow room with advanced intelligent and fully programmable controller and iPonic 624 is designed for two grow rooms from one controller.