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iPonic Communication Module – RJ45

Many times you may face difficulty taking care of your hydroponic system when you are on a business trip or family vacation. No more worries with iPonic Communications module that will work on your behalf.

What is iPonic Communications module?

iPonic Communication module is a helpful device that is connected to your iPonic Controller. This gives you the ability to control your grow system from anywhere in the world.

Features of iPonic Communications Module

  • This tiny light weight device gets easily into the main circuit board to get connected to your controller
  • Using the network cable wire conveniently connect your iPonic Communications Module to modem or router
  • It instantly intimates you by sending an email or text message automatically.
  • It is compatible with any internet browsing capable device from laptops to your smart phones.
  • iPonic cloud feature allows for remote control like monitoring and control.

How Does iPonic Communications module Work?

You can connect your iPonic Communication module to your controller which is directly linked to local network, laptop or PC, the Internet, Smart Phones or any Internet browser compatible device using a RJ45 connector. This enables you to monitor and control your controller which in turn gives control of your grow area.

This device will automatically send alerts via email or text messages for any setting or operational problems. A network cable connects the iPonic Communication module to a modem, router or Wi-Fi modem. The Communications Module snaps on the main circuit board of the iPonic Controller.

With iPonic Communication module you have your personal remote control of your grow room just a touch screen or the mouse click away. Log into the Link4 Cloud website and control all your grow systems from one place.

Just to share an example, let’s suppose that your fan has stopped working while you have gone out of station. Now at this point your Communication module will work for you. It will instantly send an email or SMS text notification to your phone or mobile device. Also, it will message you, if any equipment breakdowns, in case of other environmental issues and any such situations that require your immediate attention. This intimation gives you the ability to turn your equipment on or off, regulate levels or make any other desired changes from anywhere any time.

Additional Information on iPonic Communications module

  • iPonic Communications module is a small light device with a Weight of 2.5 lbs. Its Packaging dimension is 3.0L x 2.0W x 2.0H.
  • This product is backed by 7 days a week tool free telephone technical support and online support.
  • Moreover the instruction videos gives you more clear understanding
  • You also get a three year warranty

iPonic Cloud Support

The Link4 Cloud is a free online service offered for iPonic controller and communications module. Using this, you can monitor and control your iPonic Controller. After installation of your Communications Module for the iPonic controller, this service will assist you in its functioning. This great web based service allows you to monitor and control your grow system from any Internet compatible device from any corner of the world.
Click on the link http://www.dealzer.com/iponic-communications-module.html and order your safeguard device today.

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