Who would not love to have fresh herbs to add in the dishes? An indoor kitchen herb garden will save both time and money and ensures the availability of fresh herbs anytime you want. The advantage of the fresh green herbs available in market is that they can be planted in a container or suitable pot. The leaves would stay green and may even grow into new plant.

Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

  • Seeds: Planting herbs is better when starting with the seeds. Grow the seeds in a soil-free potting mix, especially made for seed germination. Once the seeds germinate and the seedlings reaches 2 inches height, transplant them into suitable sized containers.
  • Choose wise: Herbs are fast growing so choosing the container must be careful. Herbs like mint and lettuce are fast and wide growing, limit the number of herbs planted in a single pot. Space them evenly with enough breathing space between them. Annual herbs are easier to grow from seeds. The perennial herbs can grow from bunches also.
  • Watering: Watering the herbs must be done very carefully. Over watering can cause root rot very easily. So do not let the pot stay in water trays for longer. The soggy soil promotes root rot. Water only as much is needed. Sprinkle water on the top when the upper layer of the soil is dried out.
  • Light: All the herbs would love to have plenty of sunlight. Always keep the herbs in an area where they get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight. A windowsill garden would be the best option. Choose the eastern or northern window. Western window is not advisable as the afternoon light may be warmer which can do more harm.
  • Light rotation: Since all parts of the plants would need equal amount of light, keep rotating the herb pots regularly. The non-rotation would force the plant to grow into a shapeless plant that grows in one particular side. It may also make the plants weak.
  • Air: Air circulation is also necessary. If the plants are not kept near the window, ensure that they get proper air circulation through a fan. Stuffy indoor air can attract pests and insects to the herbs. We don’t want that, so have enough air circulation.
  • Fertilization must be done on monthly basis. A half strength liquid fertilizer would be referable which is easier to mix with water and also do not form any lumps.

Maintaining the kitchen herb garden kit

Maintenance must be done regularly. There might be pests and insects even after much care. Use only a mild pesticide, a natural one would be highly appreciable. Make the use of pesticides to bare minimum.

Pruning helps the herbs to grow more and promote new sprouts. If you are using the herbs regularly, this would not be an issue. If not, pinch it regularly to make a bushy and healthier look.

Herbs are used for their leaves, in case it starts flowering, cut the whole plant at 1/3rd length. It will have new sprouts and grow as usual. From then onwards pinch the plant on regular basis to prevent flowering.

Kitchen herb garden Ideas – Indoor herb gardens

Grow healthy fertilizer free in your own kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with small space, you can still grow healthy herbs over the windowsill. The only question is are you really into gardening?

Here are top 7 indoor kitchen herb garden ideas just for you.

1. Countertop Herb garden: Simply grow all your herbs in one container and is possibly one of the easiest way to save good amount of space in your small kitchen.

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2. Pallet herb garden: You can use old shipping pallet as it is one of the best ways to grow herbs. You can install it almost anywhere.

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3. Tin Can herb garden: Use all the aluminum cans and start DIY-ing. You can easily reach out to your favorite herb in a jiffy.

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4. Mason Jar Herb Garden: A simple yet brilliant idea to grow herbs and its as simple as it gets. With easy to fit shapes, it is a must have in any garden.

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5. Wooden Basket: You can either make it an indoor or outdoor centerpiece as per your preference. It makes a great compact garden for your herbs in a pot especially when you are wanting similar water and nutrients.

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6. Tea Tin herb garden: If you have a good collection of matching tins or even shaped glass jars then you can use them as individual containers for growing herbs. Keep a mental note to add rocks at the bottom if you can’t add drainage holes.

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7. Chalkboard vertical garden: If you have good wall space then utilize it by growing a vertical garden planter. Just make sure that you plant the herbs that need good amount of water to place at the bottom since the filters from the above plants will automatically move it down. There is a chalkboard version available but you can DIY it yourself.

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You can order kitchen herb garden online in various sites such as amazon. Amazon.com offers you various products such as kitchen herb garden starter kits, garden seeds or hanging kitchen herb garden at an affordable price.