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Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller

LIGHTSPEED FLIP20 Lighting Controller

Hydrotek based in Canada manufactures quality and proven products for hydroponic supplies. It is constantly involved into introducing new, innovative and exclusive products. Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller is one of its selective products that with its features and specifications is all set to attain a standard level.

Features of Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller

1. Automated – It is automated 10 ballast, 20 light switching unit. You can connect 10 ballasts that can hold 20 grow lights. this is an excellent unit to be used in commercial application.
2. Ballasts –¬†Flip 20 is capable to run 20 lights from 10 ballasts and can control 10 lights on at a time. This unit is designed to operate 10 lights turned on at same time.
3. Compatible – The Lightspeed Flip 20 is designed to work with ballasts plugged into any voltage. It has a capacity to handed 120v or 240V. It works well with any MH/ HPS Bulbs and also Digital/ Magnetic Ballast
4. Durable – This lighting controller is durable, heavy duty that will serve you as a lifelong partner.
5. Large Design – It contains 10 ballast cords on one side and 20 reflector plugs on the other side. These are located on front and back side of the controller for your convenience.
6. Cost effective – Using 10 ballasts to run 20 lights will ultimately consume less power while saving your money.
7. Timer – Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller can be used with any 120V timer. It can easily be inserted using the 120V power cord for 24hrs peace of mind. Timer and power cord are not included with this product; you need to buy it separately. You also have an alternative to use 240V timer outlet.
8. Amperage – Flip 20 Lightspeed controller is approved to handle 40 Amperage relays.
9. Specifications – The Dimensions of Lightspeed Flip20 Lighting Controller is 45L X 8W x 8H and it is weighted 29 pounds.
10. Grow Rooms – Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller is designed to control grow lights for two grow rooms.

To use the automated switching feature and to fetch more advantage from Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller you should get one 120V or 240V timer. Timer plays an important role for better functioning of the controller. It is also beneficial for your grow room.
Timer benefits for the Flip 20 controller are, it adds on to the automatic attribute, effectively assists to control 10 lights and lastly helps achieve optimum yields. Now the benefits of timer for you are plenty, one all your worries of monitoring, controlling and adjusting grow lights gets eliminated. Next, at regular intervals it dims or brightens light that consumes less power, long lasting usage and saves your electricity bills. Lastly, it gives you 24/7 peace of mind by working on your behalf and taking care of your precious plants.

Lightspeed Flip 20 Lighting Controller is recommended in hydroponics to effectively handle the power surges and electricity fluctuations. Without this you, your equipment, plants and everything around are at risk. Installing this magical unit into your hydroponic system will make your plants extremely thankful to you and end result will be optimum production.

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