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Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller

Lightspeed FLIP8 Lighting Controller

The Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller is an automated fixture that allows you to run 8 lights at 4 ballasts. It goes well with any ballasts Simply plug in to any voltage and the results are unmatchabale. They go with all types of grow system – be it soil gardening or hydroponics grow system.

A light control system assures you of low utility bills, compliance with building codes not to mention saving energy overall. Often termed as ‘Smart lighting‘, lighting controller makes sure that your equipment remains safe during voltage fluctuations and utilize less power without compromising on the quality of life.

The added advantage of using Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller is that its completely automated which eliminates draining your energy to manually go and control the individual lights. All you need to do is get a 120v timer and you can control multiple light sources with a single switch. You also have the option to upgrade to 240v timer outlet. The timer has a good role to play in delivering optimum yields. How? The automated functionalities of the Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller makes sure that the lights efficiency are maintained at all times. For instance, even if you forget to turn off the lights manually, the timer switches off the light at the given time that ensures saving energy to a good extent. The lighting controller comes with various functions such as dimmers, occupancy and timers that controls the internal temperature of your grow room as per the changing seasons.

One of the features of Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller is its extending grow light life. Whenever you dim or switch off the lights, not just the energy but the life of the grow lights are also prolonged. This lighting controller comes with ballasts that are heavy duty and works with any voltage efficiently. The ballasts come with a 120v (standard) power cord that can be easily plugged into any socket. These four ballasts control any voltage spike and prevent any current overload. The ballast is also designed to tolerate wrong type of grow lights, short circuits, high temperatures, voltage fluctuation etc. Make sure you use compatible grow lights such as LED, MH or HPS that can add life not only to your plants, grow lights but also to the ballasts.

The Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller that comes with high frequency ballast weighs only 13 pounds but are extra efficient that can make 8 grow lights work easily. This means no flicker or weird start ups when switching on the light. Overall, Lightspeed Flip 8 Lighting Controller can be an honest partner for your grow system provided you keep in mind the above factors noted above.

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Lightspeed Flip8 Lighting Controller
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