Hydroponic Lighting Controller

Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller

Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller

The Lightspeed Flip16 is a lighting controller Hydrotek company, based in Canada. This automated unit is designed to run 16 lights from 8 ballasts. It can control up to 8 working lights at the same time. It comes with a standard 120V power cord to plug in and start controlling. Get Led Plant Lights from dealzer.
Installing a lighting controller for your hydroponics system is beneficial as it can tackle situations such as routine voltage fluctuations or power surges. Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller is a heavy duty durable controller with a long life.

Features of Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller

  • Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller is designed to work with ballasts of any voltage and standard style reflectors.
  • This controller can be used with any 120V timer or option to use 240V timer outlet. You need to purchase the timer separately.
  • It includes 8 ballast cords on one side and 16 reflector plugs on the other side. This feature allows you to run 16 lights from 8 ballasts and is efficient enough to control lighting of more than one grow room.
  • Save money on your ballasts by controlling 8 ballasts that runs 16 lights at a time.
  • Its weight is 23 lbs and dimension is 37L X 8W x 8H
  • It is capable and is approved to handle 40 amperage relays.

Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller is used to connect 16 lights to 8 ballasts that share the operating time. On one side of the unit i.e. the front side you get the 16 standard connection terminals that are for bulbs. These 16 connections can also be equally used for separate grow rooms. On the back side of the unit you get 6 ft cords with standard plugs for ballast outlets and one 120V power cord for a 24hrs 120V timer.

It is recommended to buy 120V timer which is sold separately. Using a timer gives you various benefits such as it adjusts on/off or strong/dim lights at regular intervals as per the time set. It saves your time and energy and offers peace of mind. Moreover, it maintain temperature and gives perfect growing atmosphere for your plants.

Using Flip16 Lighting Controller For Two Rooms

Each ballast connected, supplies power to one bulb in room 1 and second in room 2 in alteration. This alteration of power supply in both room bulbs are determined by the timer. When the timer is set to On mode, the power of the ballast is directed towards room 1 by the controller. During Off mode it is directed towards room 2.

Mostly, the ballasts operate 24hrs but the timer is set for two rooms in blooming period. Thus the timer is On for 12hrs and Off for other 12 hrs. This benefits both the rooms by providing 12 hours of consecutive light and 12 hours of darkness.

Lightspeed Flip16 Lighting Controller includes all those vital features and uses that are vital for grow rooms. With these capabilities it will definitely support you in achieving maximum possible yield target.

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