Hydroponic Lighting Controller

Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller

Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller

Lighting controller in hydroponics system plays an important role. Grow lights are responsible for your plants to live or die in your grow room. It is important for you to provide the correct amount of light to your grows for them to thrive. You cannot stay with your grow units 24/7 so installing a Lighting controller is a smart way to control hydroponics plant growing. When you are thinking about Lighting Controller, Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller should come first to your mind. Why? Because of the various features it comes with.Lightspeed-Flip4

Features of Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller

The Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller is an automated light switching unit which allows you to run 4 lights from 2 ballasts. It has a capacity to control up to 2 lights at the same time.

  • Its typical design allows it to work with any type of ballasts into any voltage.
  • Lightspeed Flip4 is heavy duty controllers and is built to last long.
  • It comes with 2 ballast cords on one side and 4 reflector plugs on the other side.
  • This economical unit adds savings to your money by using 2 ballasts to run 4 lights.
  • It comes perfect with 120V standard power cord that can be easily inserted into socket.
  • You can use a 120V timer or have an option to use 240V timer outlet as well.
  • It is a compatible unit with any standard styled reflectors and ballasts.
  • It works perfectly with MH + HPS Bulbs with voltages of 500w, 1000w, 600w, 400w and 250w
  • It is suitable to use Digital + Magnetic Ballast with voltage of 1500w, 1000w, 600w, 400w and 250w
  • It is works efficiently and weights only 1.00 lbs.

Benefits of Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller

Installing Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller gives you various benefits such as:

  • Its completely automated feature abolishes the need for you to constantly monitor and control grow lights.
  • Apart from its durability and long life it also offers your lighting systems prolong life by continuously adjusting dim or strong light at regular intervals on your behalf.
  • Just install a 120V or optional 240v timer and it controls all your 4 lights easily. Installing a timer saves electricity, saves money, increases lights life and above all creates perfect growing environment at all times.

Lightspeed Flip4 Lighting Controller is essential device to control the temperature of your grow room. So, using this automated unit with either a 120V or 240V timer will fetch incomparable yields.

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