Extra light weight garden hose

Hoses are important gardening tool that helps to easily water the lawn or garden. Generally they are heavy to be carried for long time and are difficult to water the garden using these heavy weighted hoses. Hence, light weight garden hoses were an innovative idea to give you ease and comfort while you nurture all those precious plants in the garden.

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Lightweight flexible garden hoses are convenient to use for the many reasons as mentioned below:

  • As the name itself implies, lightweight
  • Easy and comfortable to carry and water the garden or lawn
  • Flexible to store
  • Useful in all weather conditions
  • Minimal waste of water

Tips to take care of Lightweight Hoses – Superlight lightweight garden hoses

The main concerns for lightweight watering hoses are the risk of kinking and prolong use of them. Few tips regarding this are mentioned below:

  1. All new hose should be straightened and the spirals untwist till it rests flat before using it.
  2. Daily after using it make a practice to straighten and untwist the hose before spiraling it.
  3. The hose with kinks in it should not be stored.
  4. Spiral your hose after use in the same direction i.e. either clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  5. Use hose reel to store the hose for easier spiraling.
  6. Drain the hose after every use while spiraling.
  7. During freezing temperatures it is important to fully drain the hose and store it under cover.

Lightweight hoses are made available in various types as listed below:

  • Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose
  • Super Slim Lightweight Hoses
  • Lightweight Garden Hose

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The detailed description of each of the Lightweight hoses is given below:

Lightweight flexible garden hose

Lightweight flexible garden hose is prepared from a finest polymer that remains flexible during freezing temperatures also. Now, keep yourself away from struggling with those stubborn stiff hoses and start using flexible hose that stays flat on ground and spirals easily for storage. The wavy interior makes it extra sturdy, kink- resistant and crush proof. It is available in 5” – 8” diameter and bright colors that are easily visible. It is made using finest polymer and anodized aluminum fittings that allow you to use them for lifelong. Lightweight garden hoses are available at home depot but probably NOT the same brand so you can expect certain differences in quality, price or durability. Mostly all products are associated with their own merits and demerits:

Merits of Lightweight flexible garden hose

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and Durable
  • Kink resistant, crush proof
  • NSF drinking-water standards are followed

Demerits of Lightweight flexible garden hose

  • Expensive

Super Slim lightweight hoses

Super slim lightweight hose is a creative product made using super-light polyurethane material. It is weighted half less than any other usual hose available in the market. Super slim is manufactured using industrial spring guards at each end to abolish any kinks. This high-quality hose is extra-long, crush-proof and in addition, chrome-plated solid brass fittings are used to guarantee leak-proof connections. It is user friendly to any type of weather conditions. Super slims’ 1/2″ diameter is perfect to fit in your home’s faucet for well-organized watering. Super slim lightweight hoses can be used for outdoor gardening, watering the lawn and can also use in watering indoor household plants.
Merits of Super Slim lightweight hoses

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Flexible in any Weather
  • Preserves water
  • Lightweight
  • NSF drinking-water standards are followed
  • Available in 25, 50, or 100 foot length

Demerits of Super Slim lightweight hoses

  • Practically, difficult to use
  • Inefficient as sometime leaks
  • Wastage of water
  • Expensive

Lightweight garden hose

No more dragging of garden hose, lighten you, using Lightweight garden hose for daily watering available with new ultra-lightweight hose. They are 45% lighter than any other traditional garden hoses. It is always flexible and allows easy movements in whatsoever weather conditions. The use of Nylon hose guards avoids kinking at ends and the chrome-plated zinc fittings are best to offer leak proof hose. The raised texture surface offers a definite grip. It is made of Bisphenol A (BPA)-free, lead-free, and phthalic acid-free which is an added advantage. Lightweight garden hose can be used for watering pots both indoor and outdoor plants. There are other brands too such as Reelworks lightweight hose reel that perform as both air and water hoses that comes with retractable feature but comes on the expensive side.

Merits of Lightweight garden hose

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible to use
  • Durable
  • Convenient in all weather

Demerits of Lightweight garden hose

  • Kinking
  • Twisting

Water hose

Water hose is a flexible tube developed to carry water from one location to another. They are used mostly to water the outdoor garden, lawn and sometimes indoor plants. These cylindrical shaped hoses are usually flexible and comfortable to use.

Water hose are available in various sizes. They are different in terms of its Pressure handling capacity, Weight, Length, Straight hose or Coil hose.

Water Hoses are made from one material or a combination of several different materials. Mostly it is made of nylon, polyethylene, PVC, or synthetic or natural rubbers. You have to select amongst these the best suitable to you, the environment and pressure handling capacity. For small garden the need of water hose may differ from large garden. In recent times, water hoses are manufactured using polyurethane to provide lightweight hose and are Bisphenol A (BPA)-free, lead-free, and phthalic acid-free to keep these chemicals away from your garden.

Garden water hose

The Garden water hose or can also called as garden hose is a flexible tube that carries water from one location to another. It is common practice to use attachments at the end of the hose. The use of sprayers and sprinklers is usual to provide water at one small place or spread it around to a larger area. Hose spigot or tap are the most common attachments used for Garden water hose.

Nowadays, Garden water hoses are available in various colors. Mostly it is made of colors that are easily visible. Garden water hoses are normally made of synthetic rubber or soft plastic, to make it durable; fibers are added to the interior. Hence, garden water hoses are more flexible to use and their smooth exterior design allows easy carrying between the trees and plants in the garden without any obstacles. They are tough enough to survive rubbing on rocky surface avoiding any damage or leakage. Generally, they are not meant to be used for hot water or otherwise it will be specified on purchased product.

In recent time Garden water hose is made of polyurethane material that offers you lightweight hose. Hence, allowing us to easily take care of our garden plants.

Flat garden hose

This Flat garden hose allows you to concentrate water at specific place wherever it is required; the most important place i.e. the roots. It allows slow, calm soaking that avoids overflow and minimizes water evaporation that helps conserving water. To make it durable, it is made of nylon-coated PVC mesh and is made flexible enough to adjust to any curves of your garden. Flat garden hose is developed to function at low water pressure, so it is recommended to use a pressure regulator if the pressure at your outdoor spigot is more than 10 PSI.

Merits of Flat garden hose

  • Avoids overflows and Conserves water
  • Suitable in all Weathers
  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Can concentrate water on specific area
  • Adjustable to any curves

Demerits of Flat garden hose

  • 1. Inefficient due to the risk of kink
  • 2. Sometimes Leakages occurs
  • 3. Pressure regulator require as it can handle low water pressure only