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Lime for tomato plants

Using lime is only a temporary solution for your plants. There are many tomato gardeners who simply love using lime. With proper mix, you can grow not only tomatoes but other vegetables and fruits too effortlessly. Read on to know how lime can help your tomato plants.

Who doesn’t love tomatoes? Be it a ketchup or a healthy salad, it is incomplete without tomatoes. If you are one of Mother Nature lovers who are trying to get straight on your tomato plants, then here is the good ol’ technique of using lime that still works for your plants. When you add lime to your plants, you give your plants good amount of calcium along with other nutrients thereby delivering a proper pH balance in the soil giving your tomato plants enough resistance to combat any diseases that tries to attack them.

Get a pH testing kit which is easily available in the store where you got your seedlings. It is best to send out the soil for testing. Though tomatoes can grow in any soil, they prefer acidic to neutral soil that have fair pH values of 6 – 6.8 to 7 (7 being neutral).

If you have not given the soil for the pH test, then its okay. Use a standard rate of application or follow the instructions as mentioned in the lime bag. Note that the application rates also depends on the type of soil available in your area. For instance, if you are raising the pH level by an unit, use only ½ lb of lime for a 10 sq. ft. area and mix it well.

Simply sprinkle the lime all around the tomato plant base and mix it with the soil gently using a hand rake keeping in mind not to mess with the roots of the tomato plants. The deeper the level of calcium, higher the level of absorption rate by the plants. It is best recommended to use lime for tomato plant before setting the tomato plants which will grow good yields right from the start.

Keep an eye on the production of tomato plants for a season. If the results are rotten, then you can be sure that the growth of your tomato plant is hampered for some reasons – actually, two reasons (1) non-vigilant watering or (2) the pH level is not balanced and may need some more calcium intake. Take the pH test again and get the result. If you get low pH level, make sure the balance of lime for tomato plant is ensured this time and keep a scheduled time for watering your plants. Do not water your plants too much as it can drown the roots and need I say more?


  • It is usually better if you prepare the soil with calcium during the fall season, then wait for three months and then plant your tomatoes in the lime applied soil.
  • Excess amount of nitrogen can give you good amount of leaves but only less fruits.
  • Only water the plants at depth of an inch when the soil is dry. The best time to water your plants is early morning when there is not much heat. Too much moisture can attract diseases for your plants.

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